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Why Aizen Cannot Be Killed? Is He Immortal?

Aizen is the physical embodiment of a monster who doesn’t know how to give up! Also he is also one of the most intelligent Villain in Bleach. His last battle was against Ichigo and he was thoroughly defeated. If that’s the case then why is Aizen still alive and put into prison? Why isn’t he just executed? Is he immortal by some means?

Well, the manga has never given a clear answer to this, but in this post I will try to put forward the most credible answer that hints at Aizen’s situation.


Urahara Is Indirectly Responsible

Yes, it might feel a bit funny by Urahara is indirectly responsible for everything. He is the one who came up with the idea of the Hogyoku.

What is a Hogyoku?
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In short Hogyoku is an orb that can materialize anyone’s thoughts into reality. It’s basically a wish-granting gemstone!

Unfortunately, Urahara’s plans was to create something that would shatter the boundaries between Soul Hunters and Hollows. His motive was to create harmony among Shinigami and Hollows.

Urahara Bankai Bleach

But, as it always happens, the bad overcomes the good. And here Aizen was the one who took Hogyoku’s powers and put into negative use!

In fact, Rukia meeting Ichigo and everything that happened after that was caused because of the Hogyoku’s close proximity.

This is how He explains it:

All of the events that have occurred around Ichigo Kurosaki, Rukia Kuchiki, and Kisuke Urahara… events that could scarcely be called anything but ‘miraculous’. Every one of these ‘miracles’ was brought about by the will of the Hōgyoku.”

Aizen Is Immortal?

Aizen still being alive gives a big hint that he is immortal. The manga has also hinted that he “cannot be killed.”

Check Chapter 623 for the exact answer. Mayuri answers the question when asked why Aizen cannot be killed or why he can’t die!

Why Aizen Cannot Be Killed In Bleach
Aizen Cannot Die

The above panel pretty much answers the question as to why Sosuke is still alive despite all the heinous crimes he has committed. He simply cannot be killed, or better put – there’s no one in the Soul Society who could kill him.

In fact the place where Aizen is sentenced to the deepest level of the Central Underground Prison is called Muken. It’s the lowest level of the prison where criminals who cannot be killed are kept quarantined for astonishingly long periods of time.

And in Aizen’s case it’s 20,000 years.

Will Aizen Rise Again?

Now that Tite Kube has hinted that Bleach is returning with an even more deadly arc, Bleach community is speculating whether Aizen will return again?

My personal speculation would be that he won’t return again, and this time someone from Hell would definitely kill him!

To just gauge how powerful Aizen is even when bounded by so many limitations, Kyoraku brought Aizen out in the open to counter Yhwach’s “eyeball monsters.” Aizen was able to wipe-out countless of them with just his Spiritual Pressure alone, let alone using his body and hands.

In short you can say that Kyoraku’s idea was the practical implementation of “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Aizen was unwilling to help the Soul Hunter, but Kyoraku forced him to use his powers.

So, No Aizen is done for and won’t rise ever again in Bleach.

But, an another interesting thing that I forgot to mention is the fact that his power grew even when he was trapped in a space completely detached from the outer world. Well that’s something to really worry about isn’t it?

Conclusion & FAQ

There’s are more fan-made theories and speculations regarding Aizen’s situation. Bleach creator Tite Kubo has decided to keep his powers and his future a secret. Maybe we’ll know about it when Bleach is resumed.

But, whatever is the case, I personally think that Aizen is an overused character now. Yes, he is too OP, but it would too boring to see him execute the same with mission when he was already defeated once.

What’s your thoughts on this? Do you think that even if he is not mortal, Aizen should return? Or should he rot in prison for eternity?

I Aizen Dead In Bleach?

No Aizen isn’t dead in Bleach. He is jailed in the Central Underground Prison for 20,000 years.

Is Aizen Immortal?

There’s a high chance that Aizen is Immortal. That’s the reason he was sent to the lowest level of the Central Underground Prison.

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