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Black Clover 272 Spoilers, Raw Scans Release.

Since, the last few Chapter, Black Clover manga has been hitting us with back-to-back revelations. After William, Yami and were taken by the Knights of Spade Kingdom, both the Kingdoms are at turmoil and training hard to take their Captain and Queen back. Asta have defeated Liebe and are working together to surpass their limits. Nacht is their first challenge. With this let’s see Black Clover 272 Spoilers and Raw Scans.


Here are the Spoilers

  • Chapter title is “The Hunting Grounds of Darkness.”
  • Yuno meets Langris and asks him to train him.
  • On the next Panel we see Nacht defeating Asta and Liebe.
  • Nacht says: “You Lost Again.”
  • Asta and Liebe are trying their best but Nacht proves to be a formidable opponent for them.
  • Since Asta is injured while using his Devil form, Liebe is also injured.
  • In a comic panel Asta is carrying Liebe on his shoulders signifying that they are working together.
  • Fight resumes and Nacht again defeat Asta and Liebe.
  • Asta and Liebe don’t want to let each other die.
  • After defeating Asta and Liebe Nacht says: “Despite having potential it’s still a shame.”
  • In the ending panel we see Asat and Liebe thinking about Yami and Licita respectively.
  • Chapter ends with a cliffhanger. Ending comments says: “New Power Stirring?”

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