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Solo Leveling 136 Spoilers, Raw Scans.

Hunter Sung is in Japan and the large-scale destruction that has happened has really shocked everyone country in the world. This is arguably the worst Gate any country has ever experienced in which not only A-Class Ranked, but also a handful of S-Class have lost their lives. Now that the world’s best Hunter has reached the battle scene, things have started to change. With this let’s look into Solo Leveling Chapter 136 Spoilers and Discussions related to it.


Spoilers are out and the scene is same as it was expected.

  • Sung Jin-woo commands his Shadow Army to charge to Giant.
  • But, the Giant smashes a large group of Shadows with just one hit.
  • What’s saving the Giant from being killed is his regeneration powers. Even though he is hit repeatedly, he is regenerating mana.
  • Sung Jin-woo finds out that he eyes are his weakness and takes off with Dragon, Igris and Beru.
  • Jin-woo uses Mutilate Skill to damage the Giant’s eyes and finally kills it.

Now that the Giant is defeated, Jin-woo will add, yet another, extremely powerful shadow in his army.

Discussion [Pre-Release]

The Last Giant Stands

Sung Jin-Woo is already in his battle position and only waiting to jump right in to fight against the most powerful Giant among all. But, the question is, even though there are many other S-Class Hunters, would there be any need of them?

Chapter 135 ended with Sung Jin-Woo commanding his Shadow Army to charge against the last-standing giant. But, it’s almost sure that the Giant will obliterate each and everyone of them. Even though the Giant kills most of the Shadow Army, there’s less chance that he will kill Beru and others. Igris will too put up a great fight.

But, since, this Giant is something else on its own, Sung Jin-woo will jump right away. There are some questions revolving around the community:

Will Sung Jin-Woo die in this Battle?

Of course NOT. How could our lead character die in a random raid when not even a slight reality is revealed about his father and everything else connected to him being a Monarch?
Even though there are countless reasons why Sung Jin-Woo won’t die, three of them are prominent:
(1) Will Cha Hae-In and Sung Jin-Woo get together?
(2) Who was Sung Jin’s Father, and how is he so powerful?
(3) How powerful can Sung Jin-Woo get?
See? these three are the ONLY reasons why our main character will not die so early and why the series is far from ending.

Will Sung Jin-Woo become the most powerful and more famous after defeating these Giants?

Sung Jin-Woo started accumulating attention from different guilds and even other countries when he was announced the first S-Class after many years. But, what made him famous was the live-streaming of Jeju Island Raid.
It was then revealed how powerful he is. And, now that he has reached Japan to help the country cop-up with the massive disaster, he will become more powerful and get more attention now.
What makes Sung Jin-Woo different from other Hunters is his unique ability to raise a zombie army, that is unkillable. Hence, the more he kills, the more he adds into his shadow army.
After the end of Japan’s Crisis, he will gain enough strength to raid an entire country.

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