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Black Clover Episode 162 Release Date & Time

The Dark Triad have done it. They have taken the first step that will start the War between Spade Kingdom and Clover Kingdom. When Black Clover was airing back-to-back filler episodes, fans were complaining, and now, we know the reason. Here, the quote, “A Lion Takes Two Steps Back Before Making a Long Jump,” appears to be the best suited. The filler episodes were the step backward before the long jump. Enough talk let’s look into Black Clover Episode 162 Release Date & Time.

Release Date

Black Clover Episode 162 will Release at 1:25 AM(PDT) on Tuesday, February 2. The name of the next Episode is “The Great War Breaks Out.“ The name of the next episodes officially confirms that we have entered the “Great War” between the major kingdoms. If you have read the Manga, you know how exciting the forthcoming event will be.

Episode Discussion

Dark Day in the Golden Dawn

The name of the Episode is “Zenon’s Power.” And, when an Episodes gets such a name, it’s almost sure that things will go South(Negative). That’s exactly what happened when Zenon unleashed his power, though restricted.

Does Anyone Die in Golden Dawn?

There is something else that will breaks hearts of fans. The attack of Spade Kingdom left half of Golden Dawn dead, and everyone injured. This is undeniably the worst day for The Golden Dawn and Yuno personally. Among the dead are Shiren and Hamon.

Why Zenon Wants Willaim?

The basic reason why Zenon attacked the Golden Dawn was to kidnap William and use him in some sort of experiment. And, he was successful in that. After defeating William, Zenon took him, and left Yuno half dead.

Yuno Gets Second Life

After Yuno finds out that Zenon has defeated William and is planning to take him away, he is furious and lands his power powerful hit, “Spirit of Zephyr.” But, it was not powerful enough to injure Zenon.

And, in return Zenon stabs Yuno through the stomach and leaves him dead. After everything is settled, we see that Bell is crying profusely as Yuno seems dead.

But, William’s World Tree Magic heals all the Knights who were injured and they are again back to their original condition. But, alas! the dead cannot be revived again.

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