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Solo Leveling 137 Spoilers & Raw Scans

Sung Jin-Woo is in Japan and trying to rescue the country from this crisis. After killing most of the Giants, the leader stays. But, the problem is, he is immune to most attacks and is hardly affected by the shadow army. Yet, there is always a way and Sung Jin-Woo have found one. What was supposed to be an all-out war between Sung Jin-Woo, turned out to be one-sided massacre. With this let’s look into Solo Leveling Chapter 137 Spoilers and Discussions related to it.


Even though Solo Leveling is a famous Manhua, the Spoilers only appears 1 day before the official release. Hence, we will have to wait for any update. Before any leaks appear, let’s discuss the upcoming events.

Discussion [Pre-Release]

One-Sided Massacre

These are not my words, but the words of the eye-witness. Whenever Jin-Woo enters a Battlefield, the situation changes drastically. And, in here too, after the arrival of the best Hunter, Japan is seeing peace after facing the worst Gate Opening.

In Chapter 135, we saw how the officials of Japan were flabbergasted after seeing that the Giants, who felt immortal, were falling like domino after Jin-Woo’s appearance.

Soon, only one Giant remained, and by the looks of it, it was the most powerful among the pack. It won’t be an exaggeration to say the this Giant was the most powerful enemy that Jin-Woo has ever faced, if you separate the Stone Status.

But, even the Giant was not spared, and was ultimately killed.

Another BIG Addition to Jin-Woo’s Army?

Now that the Giant is dead, how can Jin-Woo leave the chance to take it under his Shadow Army? And, it won’t be surprising if Jin-Woo used his “Arise” technique to raise the Giant.

Adding a Giant this powerful is certainly a massive increase in Jin-Woo’s power and also a great asset. And, we should not forget that this is not the only Giant Jin-Woo has. He has already picked-up many other Giants after killing them.

With every major War and Battles, Jin-Woo is not only becoming stronger and more experienced, but also accumulating a lethal collection of Army under his command.

It’s really exciting to see how the series will proceed and how powerful will Jin-Woo become.

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