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Does Reze Die In Chainsaw Man? Will She Return?

Natural disasters like Tornadoes are short, but the impact they imprint on mankind is immeasurable! But, why am I suddenly talking about a random natural calamity? Because the person we are going to talk about is in every way like a Natural Disaster.

How popular she became after her entering the manga? Check this Popularity Poll to learn more about her impact on fans! Now, do you understand why did I call her a Tornado? Don’t get lured by her cuteness though! You’ll know this too!

Alas! there’s a problem though. When someone like Reze comes in a series where characters die left and right, the first question that comes to mind is regarding her status. These are some of the questions that appear:

(1) Will Reze Die?
(2) Can she defeat Makima?
(3) Will Reze end-up with Denji?
(4) How powerful is Reze?

And the list goes on! So, to clear all these doubts, this post will try to answer all the questions that’s necessary. But, before moving ahead. Thank You Very Much for Reading!!


Emotional Connection With Denji!

Reze made her first appearance in Chapter 40. From the very time of her appearance until the last one, the chemistry between her and Denji was not less than some unfulfilled love story!

I won’t explain everything as it might spoil you completely, but the story between Denji and Reze was a relationship suited quite good for movies or OVA. Okay, only a little bit of spoiler would suffice.

After meeting Denji, Reze said that she wanted to move away with Denji to somewhere far, away from this world. Sure, that was just a false emotion at that point, but, after her insane killing spree, she probably took him a bit more seriously. Maybe, because he spared her life, or the chivalrous way he treated her.

Chainsaw Man Reze_Flower

That was the last time Denji saw her, and for the guys who have already read the manga, you know quite well what happened after that!

The flower you see her holding has a subtle story that’s pretty sad and nostalgic at the same time. The panel is from the very first time she met Denji and will also be the flower she holds till her last.

So, in conclusion, I can say that the secret relationship between Reze and Denji thrived in a cocoon, secret and secluded from the rest of the world. She was the only one who came really, really close to Denji. He was able to do things that he only dream’t of. No, I’m not talking about THAT THING!

How Powerful Is Reze?

Unlike a Fiend, that’s quite weak and less intelligent, Reze is a Hybrid. That means she comes in same category as Denji. The basic difference between a Hybrid and a Fiend is that with the physical body of the host.

Both are Devils in someway shape or form, but Hybrids aren’t dead. That means they can switch between being a Devil or Human. On the other hand, Fiends cannot do that. When a Devil takes over a Human corpse, Fiends are formed. This is the shortest explanation I can provide.

Chainsaw Man Bomb Devil
Bomb Devil(Reze)

Coming back to the point, Reze unlike other Devil Hunters doesn’t have to call the Devil she has contract with, she just changes into the Devil itself. Similar to Denji. Now, what makes a Hybrid more lethal is that they not only have the power of a Devil, but also the skills of the respective human!

In Reze’s case too, she is highly trained in physical combat, and that skill helps her a lot while encountering several Devil Hunters. Unlike Denji who doesn’t have enough skill, yet he wins because of the sheer power of the Chainsaw Devil.


I will simply list Reze’s strengths as it would be too much of a hassle to write all of it:

  • Extreme Damage Rate.
  • She can transform every part of her body to a bomb, letting her to cause heavy damage to enemies.
  • Quick. This might be directly linked to her skill, but while as a Bomb Devil Reze is exceptionally fast.
  • Hard armor. Being the Bomb Devil, Reze has shown immense defense towards physical attacks, etc. For example, she was easily able to handle a hit from Violence Fiend who is considered to have pretty good strength!
  • She can operate even with her head is detached from her body.

These are some of the strengths I’ve observed. There might be more hidden techniques that she never revealed. I wonder whether the Bomb Devil will appear in Part-2 of the manga.

Chainsaw Man Reze
Reze Tears Off Denji’s Tongue


No one can be strong enough to have no weakness! That’s the undeniable truth.

  • Water. Being the Bomb Devil, water is her prime weakness. The fact is, that’s how she was defeated by Denji. He strangled her around his chainsaw and dropped her into the sea.

Other than Water, I haven’t found any other weakness in her. She is really just a step behind being the perfect Devil Hybrid. Maybe an another weakness is a more powerful Devil itself.

Can She Defeat Makima?

If there was one character with impregnable defense, then it’s none other than Makima. From getting shot all over the body to cut into pieces, there’s hardly any way to die that’s left for her to experience. But, yet, here she stands, completely safe and healed to the bone.

Yet, even a powerful character like Makima must have a weakness isn’t it? Since Reze is quite powerful, can she also defeat Makima ?

Chainsaw Man Chainsaw Devil
Chainsaw Devil
Can Reze Defeat Makima?

No, Reze cannot defeat Makima. Actually there’s no Human who can defeat Makima.

From what I’ve observed after completing the series, there were only three Devils who are powerful enough to counter and defeat Makima. The Darkness Devil, Gun Devil and then there’s the Chainsaw Devil.

If it was so easy to defeat Makima, then she would have been dead more than 20 times by the end of the manga. It’s almost impossible to kill her, but, there’s always a way.

I won’t go on to discuss about Makima’s death here, since it’s Reze we are talking about. You can read about Makima’s death and everything related to that, then head over to the link below!

Does Reze Really Die?

If a character’s power was measured in terms of just skills, then Reze would simply stand as one of the most skillful character in Chainsaw Man. If I can recall correctly, then only Kishibe and Quanxi would be better than Reze in terms of just skills.

But, yet, there is always a chance for even the most skillful character to end their life abruptly, and that surely happens with Reze too!

Does Reze Die?

Yes, Reze dies after encountering Makima and Angel Devil. She was already under Makima’s Radar, so even if she escaped from Denji, her death was quite certain until she escaped the country altogether.
Chainsaw Man Reze_Death

After unleashing chaos, she was finally pinned down by Denji. But, he didn’t kill her and the reason is pretty explainable! Rather he promised her to meet in the same coffee shop where she worked.

While she was on her way to meet him, Makima and the Angel Devil appeared and that’s it. The first hit was landed by Makima, but the most damaging one was launched by the Angel Devil.

Though she appears later at the end of the manga, it seems she isn’t the same Reze who met Denji, rather a Makima puppet who was entirely focused on killing Denji and earning Makima’s praise!

Reze’s Massive Role In The Manga!

As I said before, she was introduced in Chapter 40, and if you know the total number of chapters this series has, then she was introduced when the it was already half complete. So, by the time she entered in the series, Denji was already an official Devil-Hunter.

But, even after entering so late, Reze played an extremely powerful and crucial role in pushing the story after that! Being a new person she was quickly able to make friends with Denji. You can simply say that everything between them escalated too quickly. Soon after becoming friends, Denji started thinking of her as a potential love interest(as he thinks of every beautiful girls).

Chainsaw Man Darkness Devil
Darkness Devil

But, the truth was revealed soon after that and we know the level of mayhem she caused, killing quite a number of Devil Hunters in the process. Yet, that’s not the only reason of her being so crucial. It’s important to know what happened after that!

Denji had to unleash the Chainsaw Devil to counter her, and that’s exactly what she wanted. By revealing Denji’s identity as the Chainsaw Devil she alerted every country that the Chainsaw Devil was residing in Japan.

By doing that, she kick-started a race. A race to capture Denji and the Chainsaw Devil.

And what happened after that incident? Chainsaw Man started entering the Final Arc. Now, it’s more than clear the reason why she was introduced so late in the series. Undeniable though, she fits perfectly between “one of the most important character” and “one of the most powerful villain.”

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