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Isagi Vs Nagi: Is Isagi Better Striker Than Nagi?

If there’s someone who’s way better player than Isagi it’s Nagi right? Well, that’s what we are going to discuss today. It’s Isagi Vs Nagi time…

Shortly after Nagi’s introduction, Isagi challenged him. What began as a challenge has taken form of friendship and rivalry. And here we are comparing the two…

With this short intro, let’s dive deep into the discussion of who among the two is better?


Is Nagi A Prodigy?

Yes Nagi is a football prodigy. Thanks to Reo who unconsciously analyzed his talent and persuaded him to take football into consideration. In fact Reo only wanted someone to play football with him when he found Nagi.

Even though Reo has been playing football from his childhood, Nagi surpassed him in no time. And that’s how prodigies are in real life too!

And how can we forget the most famous manga cliche? An extremely intelligent or polished character is insanely lazy. The same we see with Nagi too. But as the chapters proceed, he slowly becomes more interested in football.

And that only happened because of Isagi’s determined way to win every match.

Isagi Vs Nagi

Now, it’s time to decide who’s better! I can give a rather diplomatic answer and declare that “both of them are good.” But that would be a great insult to you and everything related to the series.

In any sports not a single person is same as the other! Whether it’s in terms of skills or anything you can think off!

In the previous section we read that Nagi is a prodigy. Yeah, but even prodigy can be surpassed by hard work, and that’s what Isagi is! Isagi is the classical manga protagonist who has nothing to offer at the beginning of the series only to earn everything by “hard work.”

So, in short we have prodigy(Nagi) vs hard work(Isagi).

Isagi Vs Nagi
Isagi Meeting Nagi First Time

Well, at the time of writing this post, Nagi is WAY ahead of Isagi in terms of skills. But, this also makes Isagi the “Dark Horse.” And if you haven’t yet read the manga, I urge you to read it…

Every character in the manga has special skills. Nagi has skills to control and pass the ball with a tremendous accuracy, and others like Bachira and incomparable dribble skills. What does Isagi have? No, don’t go on to think that he is “talentless.”

Isagi’s ability is “Adaptation.” And this is what makes him the Dark Horse of the series. In fact if we see this fact in our personal lives too, this is what we are lacking. Adaptability.

And that’s why I think that even though Nagi is far superior at present, Isagi won’t take much time to adapt and surpass Nagi…


In conclusion, at present Nagi is way more technical and skilled than Isagi. On top of that he is also less of a brute. If you have read all the chapters where Nagi is either playing against Isagi or with him, you’ll soon understand that he only uses his “ultimate strength” when absolutely necessary.

And since Nagi is a football prodigy, we’ll have to see in the future chapters whether his growth stops or it becomes more exponential.

What’s your view on this? I won’t be surprised if the mangaka tries to portray Nagi as the ‘secret’ character who wins Blue Lock. But, I don’t see it happen just yet!

Isagi vs Nagi. Who Is Better Striker?

Isagi is a better striker than Nagi. But, Nagi is more skilled and has phenomenal control over football.

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