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How Many Monarchs Are There In Solo Leveling? All Monarch List

Solo Leveling is unarguably the most loved manhua ever created. Almost everything about the series is exciting. The characters, the story, action sequence, artwork…you name it.

And above all the characters in the series there are these “Monarchs” who pretty much drive the story…So, in this post I’ll list All the Monarchs and their strength


(1) Ashborn

Ashborn is literally called King of the Dead. He not only has immense strength and commanding presence, but also the ability to raise the dead.

And that’s the reason he is called the Shadow Monarch. Theoretically Ashborn has unlimited strength and can pretty much decimate an entire country with his shadow soldiers.

Solo Leveling Ashborn

In all the nine Monarchs not a single one of them were powerful enough to face him one-on-one. That’s why they plotted against him and consider him their mortal enemy…

(2) Beast Monarch

As you can already have a rough idea, the Beast Monarch has command over various lethal beasts. He can summon a variety of beasts and use them during battles. What about his own strength?

Solo Leveling Beast Monarch
Beast Monarch

The Beast Monarch is also called the King of Beasts and have insane physical prowess. On top of that he also has a keen sense of smell that helps him find out threats and enemies…

(3) Antares

Antares is the Monarch of Destruction and can summon Dragons to assist him against enemies and innocent people. His traits are very similar to the Beast Monarch who also had a cruel personality…

Antares Solo Leveling

For his ability to summon Dragons, Antares is also named as the King of Dragons. As soon as he appeared in the Human realm Antares went on to commit indiscriminate slaughter against innocent civilians and Hunters. His hatred towards Humans is too large.

(4) Baran

Baran is the Monarch of White Flames and used to fight alongside Ashborn. But things went out of hand when Antares ordered him to turn his back. Baran took the worst decision of his life and was ultimately defeated…

Baran Solo Leveling
Baran Solo Leveling

Baran was an immensely strong Monarch but not as strong as Ashborn and Antares. Baran was also called the Demon King who had the ability to summon demon army to assist him in battle.

(5) Frost Monarch

The Frost Monarch had no name and was only called by his title. I would say that he was the worst among all the Monarchs…He was not as too strong, but cunning. Like a Fox.

Solo Leveling Frost Monarch
Frost Monarch

In the battle against Ashborn, the Frost Monarch somehow survived. Again he critically injured Jin Woo while fighting him. Keeping aside his nasty personality and way of fighting, the Frost Monarch do deserve the 5th spot in this list.

(6) Iron Body Monarch

The Iron Body Monarch is one of the unluckiest Monarch in Solo Leveling. He entered the Human Realm hoping to flex his “Iron” muscles but got trapped instead. He was a fool. Yes, but in the end he was also a Monarch, so he had immense physical strength.

Iron Body Monarch Solo Leveling
Iron Body Monarch

Iron Body Monarch had a special power that made him an irritating enemy in the battlefield. Telepathy. And also he could transform into a might Golem whenever he wanted to…

(7) Legia

Legia is the King of Giants and the Monarch of the Beginning. The manhua never showed him fight any battle as he was strained with chains. But, Legia was far more intelligent than any other Monarchs. An, of course, thanks to his immense size, he had raw physical strength.

Legia Solo Leveling

There is nothing much to say about Legia as he was only introduced at the end of the series…All in all Legia didn’t play much role in the story…

(8) Yogumunt

Yogumunt is one mysterious Monarch. He is the Monarch of Transfiguration and there are still various speculation about his real prowess. After searching a bit, here are two theories I liked:

Yogumunt Solo Leveling

He is also called King of Demonic Spectres, and had the ability to summon undead. Pretty close to the Shadow Monarch, but in a different way. Yogumunt is also considered as the Greated Sorcere in the Chaos World and that the Architect is his servant and student…

How accurate am I? Please correct me if I’m missing something…

(9) Querehsha

Querehsha is the Monarch of Plagues and the only female Monarch in the list. Don’t go by her alluring and sexy looks, everything about her is an illusion. Her outer body is just insects arranged in a certain way to make her look attractive.

Querehsha Solo Leveling

Querehsha is also called the Queen of Insects as she could manifest various creepy and lethal insects. Given her techniques, Querehsha is the weakest Monarch among all nine…

(0) Sung Jin Woo

Sung Jin Woo is the present Shadow Monarch after Ashborn…So, you can imagine the insane magical and physical power he has…

I have given him Rank 0 in this list because his power is WAY above any Monarch in this list. Here (0) means immeasurable prowess.

Another reason why I’ve kept Jin Woo at the end of this post is to keep you safe from Spoilers

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