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One Piece Episode 972 Release Date, Time & Discussion

War has finally broken out between Oden and Kaido. This War was inevitable since Orochi never planned to go by his words. As a Samurai, Oden trusted Orochi’s words and danced like a madman for 5 years, only to learn that it was just a “joke” that Orochi talked about. Now that the War has broken out, let’s see how powerful Kaido was back in the day and also how powerful Oden’s sword is. Episode 972 may be the historical moment when Oden slashes Kaido.

Episode Recap

As we move towards the end of the flashback, the War is official between Kaido and Oden. But, the one to ignite most of it is none other than Orochi. It would be safe to say that Orochi is “The” most hated character in One Piece as of now and he doesn’t deserve any mercy.

After 5 years of humiliation when Oden learns that all these years he was being played, his rage knew no bounds. He could have slashed Orochi then and there, but rather he decide to go all-out against Kaido. The Akazaya-Nine were always ready serve their lord and hence, they started to walk towards Kaido’s mansion.

But, in the midst of their way, Kaido’s army was present. Kaido himself came to battle against the determined Samurai. But, the question that Oden and other Akazaya-Nine had was, “How did Kaido knew they were coming?”

After a short talk, Oden started advancing so vigorously that within a blink of an eye a handful of Pirates died. As Oden and other Akazaya-Nine started advancing, the Pirates knew what they were fighting against. From there most of the episode continued with bitter battle.

Back in the castle, Oden had already informed Yasui that Toki and the kids were in danger. Looking into the situation, Yasui rushed with his samurais. This ended the episode with a certain sense of stress and suspense.

But, relative to what happened in episode 971, Episode 972 will mark the conclusion of the war between Kaido and Oden.

Episode 972 will be a historical one as Oden will attack Kaido and slash his belly.

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