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My Hero Academia 302 Spoilers, Raw Scans Leaked

The Villains are causing mayhem across the city and the Hero society are at tatters. The destruction caused by the Villains is too much for the Heroes to recover and the signs are already speaking for itself. But, Chapter 301 showed the real face of Touya. Rei( Endeavor’s wife) is here and she has something more to reveal about Touya. With this let’s look into My Hero Academia 302 Spoilers, Raw Scans and Discussions.

Chapter Discussion

Touya is Messed Up

When it was revealed that Dabi is Touya, most of us thought that he became like this because of Endeavor. And, this argument was acceptable since we have always seem how ruthlessly he treats Shouto. But, the situation with Touya is a bit different.

From his childhood, Touya had maniac tendencies and always wanted to impress his Father. But, impressing his Father pushed him to the point that he went on to attack child Shouto.

But, we shouldn’t only look at Touya as the culprit, even Endeavor failed to handle the situation like a Father, and rather chose to solve it by force. This was bound to backfire and this actually happened.

After Shouto was born, Endeavor pushed his ideology to “Surpass All Might” into his innocent kid and turned his childhood to hell. Even Rei failed to control Endeavor and just left everything at God’s will.

But, it’s finally revealed how Touya burned himself, and also how he activated his Blue Flames. After this revelation, things are coming to normalcy and Shouto has assured his family members that they all will defeat Touya/Dabi. But, this revelation has also kickstarted a debate in MHA community about the role played by Endeavor in controlling Touya and also literally destroying Shouto’s childhood.

Somewhere, as a Mother, Rei is also responsible for all that has happened to Touya and Shouto. But, fortunately, unlike Touya, Shouto is not going everywhere hating his own family members to the point of killing them.

Shouto’s Determination

As we see in the end of chapter, Shouto has decided to fight Touya if Endeavor cannot do this. And, what Shouto is unaware of if that other Heroes, Best Jeanist and Hawks are listening.

Deku is not yet awake and most pro Heroes are injured. I have a feeling that Dabi will sacrifice himself and kill Shigaraki. But, things are too early to explain this. Hence, we will have to wait for the official Chapters to release.


  • Chapter 302 Title is: “The Wrong Way to Put Out Fire, Part 2.”
  • After Touya tried to attack Shouto, Endeavor wouldn’t let any kid to approach Shouto.
  • After 5 years skip, we see Endeavor forcing Shouto to train while his brothers were playing.
  • Touya looked at Shouto with intense hatred, but later says to Natsuo that he was wrong for attacking him. But, he also says that his Father was wrong too.
  • These words couldn’t enter Natsuo’s mind and Touya was disappointed. He thought that atleast his brother could understand him.
  • Rei stopped Touya from training in mountain.
  • Rei said Touya that he should look up to someone else rather than his father, and this angers Touya.
  • In anger, Touya said to Rei that she was sold to Endeavor because her grandparents were poor. That’s the reason he was born.
  • Finally, at the age of 13 in Winter, Touya learns to use Blue Flames.
  • The reason of this awakening was his emotional excitement and also because of his change in his body.
  • The Blue Flame activation excited Touya and he thought that he can now impress his Father, but this rather enraged Endeavor
  • Endeavor angrily asks Rei why didn’t she stop Touya’s training. Shouto tries to stop Endeavor, but Endeavor tells him to leave.
  • This incident upset Touya and his tears turned into flames and burned his whole body.
  • The reason why Touya burned himself was because Endeavor never taught him how to control flames when they increase in level.
  • Natsuo blamed Endeavor for destroying family peace.
  • Rei says that all of them are responsible for Touya.
  • Rei says that Shouto should have hated them right now, but, still consider her as Mother and became a Hero.
  • Shouto consulted with Rei about his decision to fight Touya if Endeavor can’t do it, but it seems that even Shouto can’t win this alone.
  • Shouto says that the time to cry is over and now, everyone will stop Touya together.
  • Best Jeanist and Hawks overhear this conversation and it seems they are encouraged looking at the spirits.
  • Chapter ends with the last line: “They Can’t Stop Here! Let’s Go Endeavor!!”
  • NO BREAK NEXT WEEK, and Chapter 303 will release on 28th Februrary.

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