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Fans Celebrate 21 Years of Zoro Joining The Straw Hat Crew.

After it’s initial release in 1999, One Piece has since than become a Movement of its own. An Anime series continuously running since more than 20 years is a Milestone of a kind. I remember my own experience when I was first introduced to One Piece.

Watching the First Episode, I thought “Why does so many people watch this “Kids Show””, but, I thought to give it a go, and after that there was not stopping. I watched One Piece daily for more than 6 hours, for 2-3 months, and after completing those episode, I thought to myself, “The Hell was I doing ?”, I was ignoring a show of such potential siting that it’s a “Kids Show?”.

The reason I remembered this incident is because, today turns 21 years since Zoro joined Luffy in his mission to become the best Swordsman in the world.

After this, even Crunchyroll retweeted it and hence, it became a special event among Zoro fans.

To add this, the voice actor of Zoro, Kazuya Nakai also has his birthday on the same day.

This combination shows that there is no one better than Nakai who can voice Zoro. On, the other hand, Kazuya Nakai also voices Captain Obi of Fire Force.

Now that One Piece Anime and Manga both are nearing its 1000th milestone, it will be a major success for Oda and those who are following One Piece since their Childhood.

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