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One Piece Episode 950 Release Date, Watch Online.

The Wano Arc is at its full swing and the War against Kaido is fast approaching. Previously we saw that a new character was introduced named Kawamatsu Kappa. As expected from a Red Scabbards, Kawamatsu is extremely strong though he ate poisonous fish for 20 years. With This let’s look into One Piece Episode 950 Release Date.

Release Date

One Piece Episode 950 will Release on Saturday, November 14 (PDT). Episode 949 was entirely focused on Luffy and his Wisdom. In the next Episode let’s see what happens.


Red Scabbards on a Roll

The beginning of the Episode was mostly the continuation of Episode 948. Kawamatsu was fully revealed in Episode 949 and he unleashes his power against the Pirates.

On the other hand we also see Hyogoro and Kiku taking part in their own way. Withing a very short time, most of the Pirates were finished off by them.

But, their battle is interrupted when Daifugo unleashed his hidden weapon.

The Mummy Plague

After Daifugo loads his gun with the “Plague Bullet,” he shoots randomly at the prisoners infecting them with excruciating pain and fever. Many are infected and those who cannot bear the pain collapse after some time.

Among the many prisoners, who tried to get rid of the pain, they turned up infecting other fellow prisoners. Hence, this is how the Plague is spread.

The worst thing about the plague is that, after sometime, the infected person walks like a Mummy infecting anyone he sees.

Luffy’s Wisdom

Looking into the mayhem that is caused by the “Plague Bullet,” Luffy cannot control his rage. He is not angry at the prisoners, but the Pirates who are mercilessly killing the Hungry Prisoners.

Luffy’s take is that injuring hungry prisoners, that too when they are innocent is not right. But he cannot stop anyone.

This is where Luffy does the most heroic thing. To stop the people infected with the Plague, he decides counter them by bare-hands. He knew that he will be infected, yet, to stop those prisoners, he took this extreme step.

After Luffy gave a powerful speech, Babnuki tried to infect the whole crowd with his ultimate bullet. But, Luffy stops it and in turn Babanuki is the one who gets all the Plague.

Luffy’s speech worked as a balm for the infected and non-infected Prisoners and they decide to attack Daifugo and Solitare with everything they have got.

In the end we see Hyogoro and Kawamatsu is nothing but impressed with Luffy’s way of doing things.

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