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Black Clover Episode 156 Release and Time, Watch Online.

Black Clover Anime is lately going through a lot of Fillers and there is an acceptable reason behind it. The reason is the the Anime has come very close to the Manga and the creators of the Anime are trying to create a delay between the Anime and the Manga. War is brewing against the Spade Kingdom. Heart Kingdom and Clover Kingdom are preparing an all-out War, let’s see what happens in the upcoming episodes. With this let’s look into Black Clover Episode 156 Release Date and Time.

Release Date

Black Clover Episode 156 will Release at 1:25 AM(PDT) on Tuesday, December 15. The name of the next Episode is “Awakening Powers.”


The Spirit Guardians Revealed

In the previous episode, we saw the Black Bulls getting ready to get trained from the Spirit Guardians of Heart Kingdom. And, in this episode, we see all the Guardians revealed.

The Guardians are:

  • The Spirit Guardian of Earth, Sarado
  • The Spirit Guardian of Plants, Potrof
  • The Spirit Guardian of Fire, Floga
  • The Spirit Guardian of Wind, Smurik

All the Black Bulls Knights are assigned to their Guardians. Mimosa and Charlotte gets to train with Sarado and Rill gets to train with the Spirit Guardian of Plants, Potrof. On the other side, Leopold and Magna joins Floga due to their Fire capabilities and, Finral gets to train with Smurik, the Wind Spirit Guardian.

Gaja personally trains Asta and, is clearly not forgiving to him. Noelle and Nero are chosen by Lolopechika and Undine.

Hence, this officially starts the training arc of the Clover Knights with the Spirit Guardians of Heart Kingdom.

Vanica’s Curse

Before starting their training, Lolopechika pleads to Noelle to save her from Vanica’s Curse. Undine later explains that Vanica is so powerful that even she was not able to counter her attacks, and her defeat led to Lolopechika getting cursed.

We did not see any battle between Noelle and Lolopechika yet, but, it’s sure that from next episodes, we will surely get to learn how capable Lolopechika is when she gets serious.

Langris vs Yuno

In the previous Episode, we saw how Yuno was awarded due to his bravery during the Elves’ Invasion. After this, Yuno’s standard is same as the Vice-Captain of The Golden Dawn, Langris. But, as we know, Langris is jealous and he doesn’t like anyone, that too a peasant surpassing him.

Hence, he challenges Yuno for a duel to see whether Yuno is really that powerful. But to make things worse, Langris sets an ultimatum that, the one who loses will leave “The Golden Dawn.”

A battle begins between them and everyone at The Golden Dawn watches their match, including William. But, it seems that Langris is intentionally holding back against Yuno and purposefully wants to lose against him.

Yuno sees through it and tries to provoke Langris to fight seriously. As we know, Yuno is cold and doesn’t give a damn of anyone, and this triggers Langris’ anger.

They ultimately start their bitter duel and Langris almost kills Yuno. But, in the end Yuno wins against him through an illusion.

Langris accepts defeat and declares that he will leave “The Golden Dawn.” But, Yuno is not ready to let him go and says that it was a hard battle to win, and, if Langris was serious from the beginning, Yuno would have lost.

Even William saw through this and rejects the proposal of leave. In the end, we see Langris teasing Finral that he is too fighting to become stronger than him and then leaves for his training.

Magna Gets Accepted

In the previous Episode, it was only Magna who was left behind. Listening to this, he was disappointed and urged Yami to allow him too.

And, in Episode 155 we see that Magna also gets accepted to go through the same training as Asta and others. Magna is seen as one of the weakest characters in Black Bulls and it is heart warming to see that he is trying to get through his weakness.

Episode 156 Preview

In the Preview of Episode 156, we see some wandering people walking in group. The name of next episode is “Awakening Powers”, so there could be a connection those people.

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