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Kento Nanami Dies in Jujutsu Kaisen? Kento Nanami Death Explained!

If Badass is a word to describe someone, it’s Nanami Kento. Nanami is portrayed as a office worker who got bored after working the same job day in and day out. To explore his hidden talent he joined as a Sorcerer and since then he has gained a reputation as a nightmare for Curses.

His serious and cold appearance makes him one of the most underestimated Sorcerer. But, eventually they meet a harsh ending. But, we know that an OP(Overpowered) Character has to face a different reality than others, and, in this case it’s “Nanami Death.”

Jujutsu Kaisen Geto
Suguru Geto


Mahito vs Nanami

When Nanami first saw Mahito, he knew Mahito was different. Also, since, Mahito being a Curse who can speak makes it even more obvious. After a few talks Mahito attacks and tries “Idle Transfiguration” on Nanami, but fails.

On the contrary Nanami also starts landing blows. Hence, igniting a War between the two. Now that an all-out battle has begun, the question is, “Who will Win?” the other question is “Is Nanami’s Death Imminent?” Holdup! not so fast!

Strength Compared

A comparison of strengths says a lot of story about who is more powerful among the two, since, it is in the end a Battle of “Who’s More Powerful?”

Cursed Technique

Mahito’s Curse Technique is “Idle Transfiguration“. Though this technique is the most that he uses, he got many more under his sleeves. When talking about the amount of Curse Energy he has, it’s enormous.

Nanami on the other hand has an upper-hand when it comes to skills and technique efficiency. Though he is a Curse User, he has relatively less Curse Energy and mostly depends on cursed weapons.

Domain Expansion

Domain Expansion is a hot topic in Jujutsu Kaisen after Satoru Gojo used it against Jogo. Domain Expansion needs an enormous amount of Cursed Energy at disposal and not everyone can use it. Even Megumi was struggling to keep his Domain functioning while fighting Sukuna.

When it comes to Domain Expansion, Mahito can unleash his own Domain Expansion called Self-Embodiment of Perfection/Mahayana Prison. Among all the Domain Expansion used in Jujutsu Kaisen, this is arguably one of the most lethal ones.

In comparison, Nanami cannot use Domain Expansion, since his Curse Energy level won’t allow it. Hence, not using Domain Expansion is Nanami’s major weakness.


The Shibuya Arc Incident

If you watched the anime only, this is going to be a major spoiler for you. The Shibuya Arc is the first major arc in Jujutsu Kaisen where Geto and Mahito planned to wreck havoc in Shibuya. After they execute their plan, countless people died.

Worst event that happened is, while fighting Geto and Mahito, Satoru Gojo was sealed, hence, considerably decreasing the power balance between Curses and Sorcerers. After Satoru Gojo was sealed, other Sorcerers were overwhelmed by unknown Curses and the Curses couldn’t miss this great opportunity!

While countering the curses many of the powerful sorcerers either died or their status is Unknown. Among the worst hit are Maki, Todo and Nobara. But, what about Nanami?

Nanami was killed by Mahito after he was already injured and half-dead. Here is the scene that confirms this truth.

Nanami’s Last Words

As pathetic as it could get, the way Nanami’s Death is shown is very close to the previous time he was saved by Itadori. Here too, the only people present are Nanami, Mahito and Itadori, but the situation is different. Though Mahito doesn’t use any Domain Expansion, Nanami is already worn out and unable to fight.

Jujutusu Kaisen Nanami Death
Nanami’s Last Words : Viz

Nanami’s last words “You’ve Got It From Here,” sparks a nostalgic end for one of the best characters in Jujutsu Kaisen. As cruel as he can get, Mahito purposefully kills Nanami in front of Itadori in a much cruel way than expected.

When Nanami was killed in Jujutsu Kaisen, the whole community mourned his death, some even saying that “The Character has Fallen“. Some actually said that Nanami was one of the most “Badass” characters in the series and now that he is dead, there is barely anyone.

What Chapter Does Kento Nanami Die?

Kento Nanami dies in Chapter 120. It’s the Shibuya Incident Arc.

Present Situation

Geto has unleashed a bloody war between curses and sorcerers. He simply doesn’t want everyone to fight Hence, he created a sort of fighting ring where sorcerers fight each other till death and the one who survives fights Geto.

We have come a long way from the time when Nanami’s death to Yuta revealing his true identity. If you ask me, then if there’s anyone who can replace Nanami’s “badassery,” it’s non other than Hakari.

Dude is powerful enough to counter Gojo and Yuta at his peak performance…

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