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One Piece 995 Spoilers, Raw Scans.

The turbulent Wano Arc has began and the War is at full swing. Major events happened and we learned a lot about the past of Kaido and Wano Country. Another drastic even in One Piece was when Orochi got killed by Kaido. Since the War has began we hope to see even more events that will shock us. With this let’s look into the One Piece Chapter 995 Spoilers.

Spoilers [UPDATED]

  • Name of the Chapter is “Kunoichi’s Oath.”
  • Marco tries to stop Big Mom from joining the Battle because is more powerful than Luffy.
  • Prometheus attacks Marco but Marco’s phoenix fire is special and defeats Pormetheus.
  • Big Mom grabs Marco by his Neck so that Perospero can shoot him with his “Candy-Arrow.”
  • Carrot and Wanda are in their Sulong forms and they attack Perospero, injuring him severely with 2 claw marks on his face.
  • Big Mom flies back to Onigashima since she has no soul and is already getting bored with smaller battles.
  • Brook catches Queen’s “koorioni” but it does not damage him since, he has no blood or flesh. Queen looks at Sanji’s Wanted Poster.
  • Apoo attacks people chasing him with “Don!” exploding music. Zoro and Drake attack Apoo.
  • Chopper looks at Brook and realizes something about Koorioni’s condition but until then he too is caught one of his arm covered in ice.
  • Nami is heavily injured and covered in blood. Usopp fights Ulti to grab her. Usopp is about to melt her, but Page One save Ulti by biting the plant.
  • Usopp tries to attack Page One but Ulti attacks him with headbutt. Usopp breaks his skull after he is hit.
  • Ulti grabs Nami and accepts that she is strong.
  • Ulti places a condition to Nami that if she says “Our Captain will never become the Pirate King!”, then she will spare her.
  • But, Nami replies “Luffy WILL BECOME become the Pirate King!!!”
  • Ulti is about to kill Nami when Otama and Komachiyo appear out of nowhere and then Komachiyo bites Ulti’s Head.

Release Date

One Piece Chapter 995 will officially release on November 15. There will be No Break after Chapter 995 and Spoilers for Chapter 996 will come out early.

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