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One Piece Chapter 1014 Spoilers Leaks

In All-Blue, Wano is the hottest place right now. The most powerful Pirates are fighting against the most powerful “to-be pirates.”

You can say, the “Worst Generation” are trying to topple the “Past Worse Generation.”

But, there’s a difference between how powerful Kaido and Big Mom are when together and when alone. Together they are almost invincible, and this we can already see. Even when Luffy, Zoro, Law, Kid are trying their best to defeat them, they are failing.

Well, the War is getting really interesting with the release of chapters. Let’s look into Chapter 1014 Spoilers and some other discussions.

Chapter 1013 Recap

The title of the Chapter: “Anarchy of Big Mom,” fits pretty well after seeing what Big Mom has done to Ulti.

In the previous Chapter, we saw Ulti hit Komachiyo and Otama. If hitting Komachiyo wasn’t enough, hitting a child was when things went over the head. Big Mom was not angry because a child was hit, rather because she considers her as a friend.

Nami has already landed “Tornado Tempo” on Ulti and though the damage is pretty substantial, it’s not powerful enough to stop her from counter-attack.

But, soon after Nami’s attack, came Big Mom.”Maser Cannon.” And, I guess this attack from Big Mom was powerful enough to even injure Kaido. What could have happened after that? Ulti instantly fell unconscious.

And, then came some emotional panels focused on Zeus, and his sacrifice to save Nami and Usopp. Compared to other inanimate objects Big Mom had, Zeus was the only who was more emotional. But, it seems now that she has Hero, Zeus is more of a liability than an asset.

Zeus sacrifices himself to save Nami. Though she tried to help him, it was too late.

Big Mom goes to take away Otama from Nami and Usopp, but they snatch her back. This irks Big Mom and goes on to land a hit on Otama and the pack. Hence, proving that Big Mom’s “love” for Otama was nothing but fake.

Fortunately Kid was there to help them. With his “Punk Gibson” he stops Big Mom’s attack and thus makes way for Nami and the pack to run away.

Chapter 1013 ends with a rather disappointed Kaido, who is “sad?” after he has defeated Luffy. Luffy is seen totally KO (Knocked Out) and is falling into the sea.

This is probably the first time Luffy is facing such challenge even after unleashing his total capacity. Wonder what would Rayleigh think by seeing him in this condition?

The last time he faced suck extreme challenge was while fighting one-on-one against Katakuri. He unleashed Snake-man, and then we all know what happened.

Thus that mean, here too Luffy will unleash the ultimate form of Ryou? Well, if he does, Hyogoro will surely be happy. I cannot wait to ready the next chapter.


The Spoilers are out:

  • Chapter 1014 title is: “The life of the actor.”
  • Luffy falls into the Ocean while Kaido watches him in disappointment.
  • On the other hand, Bao Huang informs Kaido that they have found Momonosuke.
  • Kaido orders Bao Huang to inform entire island of Onigashima about the outcome of the fight.
  • Yamato keeps going to the roof while facing enemies.
  • Momonosuke says: “Looks like I shouldn’t die.”
  • Chopper fights against Queen.
  • Caesar tells Chopper that with “this” you can make Rumble ball last more than 3 minutes.
  • Bao Huang announces that Kaido has won and will accept anyone as subordinates who surrenders.
  • Kanjuro arrives where Momonosuke is.
  • Kaido attacks Momonosuke with his Kanabo.

Oda has decided to take a break. The official chapter will release on May 30th. Hence, we can expect Chapter 1014 spoilers at least one week before the official release.
I know you are waiting with baited-breath, we all are. The cliffhanger about Luffy getting KO is too much to handle. If this turns out to be true, then who knows what happens after this?

This section of the page will be updated regularly when there will be any concrete information about the spoilers.

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