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How Strong Is Yamato In One Piece? Will She Join Luffy?

There are only few anime shows still airing since the 90s, and one of them is One Piece. For a series running for more than 20 years without any long break and long fillers, the sheer number of characters the series burdens is out of this world.

Among all those characters, there are only a handful that play major role and their presence is felt almost every now and then! For example, Shanks. He is pretty much dominant in One Piece since the series began.

One Piece Ace

One Piece anime is entering the peak of Wano Arc with the War just starting to get necessary momentum. While if we talk about the manga, then it’s almost heading towards the end. For manga readers, they know how exciting the arc is and, if you are “only Anime,” then the excitement is just beginning. I won’t spoil you in the introduction portion of this post, but there are many other revelations waiting to happen!

The latest entry as a potential major character in One Piece is Yamato. Kaido’s so-called son. The moment this character was introduced, countless questions rose from the Anime community. Hence, in this post, I’ll try to explain each and every question related to Yamato and the future related.


Is Yamato Boy Or Girl?

Yamato’s face wasn’t revealed in the first introduction. Neither we got to see any hint of this character being a boy or a girl. So, anime fans got excited and quickly wanted to learn about Yamato’s Gender.

Is Yamato Boy Or Girl?

Yamato is a Girl. The reason Kaido doesn’t want to accept her as a female is because according to him having a daughter is symbolism of the weak. Hence, he always forces to behave like a Male and not as a Female.
Yamato One Piece

That’s how Yamato looks like without the mask. Don’t go by he looks, you already know how powerful she is! So, now that the gender is revealed, I will use “her,” “she” while describing about Yamato.

How Strong Is Yamato?

After the Tobi Roppo appeared, Kaido wanted to know about Yamato. This led to the revelation of a new character named Yamato, the so-called son of Kaido. In the very first scene of Yamato’s introduction we saw how she easily broke a wall with just one hit.

Well, breaking walls with a fist is pretty common in One Piece universe, but, in reality how powerful is Yamato was revealed when she launched an attack on Ulti to save Luffy.

One Piece Yamato Hits Ulti
Yamato Hits Ulti

Though the manga is way ahead, watching the same manga scenes animated is a special treat for the eyes. Especially when a powerful character like Yamato lands a powerful hit on aTobi Roppo. That’s a indirect kick on Kaido’s face!

In short, Yamato is insanely powerful. In fact, powerful enough to stand strong again Kaido.

Yamato’s Devil Fruit

You might think that since Yamato is Kaido’s daughter, he might have just offered a Devil Fruit? That’s not case at all! She ate the “Inu Inu no Mi” Devil Fruit because she was hungry and had nothing to eat.

It is a Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit that helps her transform into a divine wolf, completely different from usual Devil Fruit users. According to Kaido, the Inu Inu no Mi was never meant for her and it was her fault that she ate it.

On a deeper note, the above character you’re seeing is a mythical animal said to be almost as powerful as a Dragon. Kaido is the Dragon in One Piece, and hence, when Yamato transforms into her Beast form she might have the ability to critically injure, if not defeat Kaido.

Why Is Yamato Helping Luffy?

To learn the root reason why Yamato wants to help Luffy we will have to go back to when she was a kid. The era of Oden was about to end and Orochi & Kaido’s reign was about to begin. By then, the ill-fated battle between Oden and Kaido had already ocurred.

Being a girl, she was mentally and physically tortured. She was forced to behave like a boy not a girl, and when she refused, her punishment was prison sentence. there she was in the influence of few samurais(I won’t name them. Too much of a Spoiler). She also witnessed how Oden was boiled and the heroic way he saved his followers.

One Piece Oden 2

All these incidents influenced her so much that she took the decision to side with the Samurais. And, this brings us back to the real reason why she is helping Luffy. Luffy helping the Samurais makes him the natural ally of Yamato, since she also wants to help the Samurais.

I hope you got that? On top of everything, she also sees Oden’s enthusiasm in Luffy. So, there cannot be any reason why she won’t want help him.

Will She Join Luffy’s Crew?

In the latest leaked chapter (chapter 1051) she announced that she will be joining the Straw Hats. And I’m sure when Luffy wakes up, he will accept her proposal!

Will Yamato Join Luffy?

Yamato declared in Chapter 1016 that after the War is over, she will join Luffy’s crew. And now that the War is over, she has decided to join the Straw Hats.

One Piece Yamato Joins Luffy

Now, it’s upto Luffy to accept her request. Usually Luffy doesn’t decline anyone unless they aren’t suitable enough, but, since it’s the person who not only saved him, but held back Kaido, there’s high chance that he’ll accept her with open hands.

Or maybe there might be a twist, where in the end she reverts her decision to join Luffy and in turn gives new life to the present Beast Pirates.

Who Is Yamato’s Mother?

Fans expected for Yamato’s mom revelation, but didn’t get anything. Well, I guess there are some secrets that we might never learn in the series. If Oda wants he can take a moment and reveal at least something more about Kaido’s past.

The only thing I can do is speculate. Yamato is beautiful and looks no way similar to Kaido. So, at least this one thing is clear that her Mother was/is beautiful.

Why Does Yamato Call Herself Oden?

Though the basic reason behind this hasn’t been revealed yet, looking back into her past, it’s probably clear why she wants to call herself Oden. Comparing Oden’s personality with her is the best way we can answer this question.

From the time we have been seeing Oden, his only dream was to move out of Wano and experience the world outside. He wanted to open Wano to the outer world and do things that no one in Wano had ever done.

Now, coming back to Yamato, even though she was a kid, all these forceful orders might have numbed her mind. She wanted to find an answer, and the answer she found was Oden. She saw Oden as the perfect Human, and since she was already being treated as a boy, it was easy for her to adapt Oden’s personality and go forward with it.

She used the word “Oden” as a balm to calm her pain she had experienced before. It’s remarkable how being only a kid, she was able to understand how dedicated and daring Oden was!

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