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Facts About Makima! All Questions Answered!

She is the focal point of Chainsaw Man. While discussing anything about the manga, it’s impossible not to include Makima. Heck, she even scored far higher than Denji in the popularity poll in Japan. For a character having such great role in a series, there are questions too that we need answers of.

There are countless facts about Makima, some are less important, but most questions are mysterious enough to gather attention and then the need for answers become mandatory. So, in this post, I’ll try to explain most of the facts related to the most enigmatic characters of Chainsaw Man, Makima


How Strong Is Makima?

She is the only Devil Hunter who is feared even by the higher-ups. She is the Satoru Gojo of Chainsaw Man. I would be humiliation to talk about her strengths. Aside from physical prowess, she is extremely intelligence.

Chainsaw Man Makima
Makima Uses Her Technique

From making plans to kill the Gun Devil, to initiate a New World-Order, she did everything alone without anyone knowing. Isn’t it funny that even being a Devil she works for the Devil Hunter Association?

There is a high chance that she also controls the higher-ups and persuades them to take decision according to her Will. But, it’s quite hard to explain her techniques; she can remotely squash enemy just by knowing their names, she can recover herself from bullet hits, she also also kill anyone with just pointing her finger onto them. She can hear anyone whom she wants to, and last but not the least, it’s almost impossible to kill her.

Can Makima Control Denji?

I have conflicting opinion about this. Makima never let anyone come close to her as she let Denji. There could be two reasons behind this:

(1) First is that her technique doesn’t work on Denji since he is the Chainsaw Devil. Hence, she took seduction as the way to control him.
(2) Second is about letting Denji experience the worst. She wanted him to experience the best of all and then suddenly throw him into despair.

I cannot recall any moment where she ordered Denji to do something by force. From the beginning until the end, she used her subtle seduction techniques to lure him into her plans. And never letting him know the consequences of everything that he was doing.

Does Denji End-up With Makima?

This is the funniest question LOL! Chainsaw Man is not a romance series where guys choose girls, etc, etc.

Denji’s age depiction in the manga is such that at that age any guy would want to spend their time with a beautiful girl. He was attracted to Makima not because he “loved” her, but she was the first female to appear, and also the first to embrace him wholeheartedly.

If his love was so strong for Makima, then he would never fall for Reze or even have few emotions for Himeno. This argument can go on-and-on, but, the answer is more than obvious!

Yes, Denji ends up killing Makima. Denji ending-up with Makima as life partner? Hell No! Power is more suitable for that.

Can Makima Control The Gun Devil?

Makima always decides to stay away from these three Devils:
(1) Darkness Devil
(2) Chainsaw Devil
(3) Gun Devil

These three Devils are far two powerful for her to control them. Or else why would she control so many Devil Hunters and other Fiends only to defeat the Gun Devil?

Chainsaw Man Gun Devil
Gun Devil

Even when she unleashed countless Devil behind the Gun Devil, it was able to escape from the scene only to be killed by Denji’s Chainsaw. She had to escape from the Darkness Devil as it was furiously pinning down Makima. Hardly any of her technique worked on the Darkness Devil. And, I don’t think I have to mention the Chainsaw Devil’s prowess.

Does Makima Die?

The hottest question on Makima is about her death! So, I won’t take your time. Yes, Makima dies after she is slashed by Denji! For more elaborate discussion:

Why Can’t She Die?

Before it was revealed that Makima is the Control Devil, I was astonished after seeing her recovering from heavy wounds and also killing enemies remotely. Back then I thought that she might have contract with some really powerful Devil or maybe even God!

Though the secret behind her near instant revival was never revealed in the manga, I have a solid explanation on this:

Chainsaw Man Denji Kills Makima
Denji Slashes Makima

See, let’s take us Humans as example here. Why does someone needs to rush to Hospital when they injure their knee? Because they don’t have control over their recovery process. If there was a mechanism where we could simply regenerate everything as it was before, Hospitals would have never existed!

In Makima’s case too, since she is the Control Devil, controlling everything in her body might not be a problem at all. Hence, that’s how she cheated death each and every time she was critically injured or even shot many times.

In a manga panel it’s also revealed that she has died at least more than 25 times. So, dying must not be a new thing for her at this point!

Is Makima Immortal?

The Devils’ rule says that each and every Devil is immortal. Well, sort of! What happens in reality is that when a Devil dies in Human Realm, they are transferred to Hell where they spent quite a long time(Never revealed how much time).

Then, after their time in Hell is complete, the same Devil takes birth in Human Realm again. But, this time everything is different! The Devil has no memories of their past life in Human Realm. Everything changes, from their personality to their physical appearance.

Chainsaw Man Reincarnated Makima Nayuta
Makima Reincarnated(Nayuta)

The above image is of the reincarnated Makima whose name is Nayuta. Everything other than her eyes is different! Her hair color is black, she doesn’t know who Denji is, and she also doesn’t have any dream of controlling the whole world. But, what’s same is her being surrounded by dogs.

Why Did Makima Kill Power?

When Makima killed Power in Chapter 91, CSM community including me showered Makima with curses and finally declared the worst character in the whole series. Her cruel approach to kill everyone one-by-one triggered even the ones who loved Makima from the beginning of the series!

But, what’s her reason behind killing Power?

Why Did Makima Kill Power?

Makima killed Power because she wanted Denji to experience the ultimate Hell. She wanted to take everything Denji considers close.
I’m sure, if Himeno didn’t die back in the Katana Man Arc, Makima could have killed her too!

Makima Kills Power Chainsaw Man

Power’s death was the last straw for Denji. He finally lost himself. That too was Makima’s plan. To unleash the real Chainsaw Devil that resided inside Denji. She was of course successful, but as we all know Karma always retaliates in the most unexpected way, and that’s what happened with Makima too.

Why Did Makima Kill Aki?

From the beginning until the end, Makima used everyone as the stepping stone to achieve her selfish dream. Well, what can you expect from a Devil? Aki is hands down the more tortured soul in the whole Chainsaw Man series.

He lost everything. His family, best buddy, and the new family he was building with Denji and Power. From what I can recall, Aki was the only character who had contract with three Devils. In simple terms, we can say that the Gun Devil incident took away not only his family but also the desire to live.

Chainsaw Man Denji, Power, Aki
Aki’s New Family

So, the question still lies:

Why Did Makima Kill Aki?

Makima Killed Aki because she wanted his Devil’s power to defeat the Gun Devil.

After losing Fox Devil, he made contract with the Future Devil. And, to fight against a powerful Devil like Gun Devil, seeing the Future is quite handy! Hence, Makima at first controlled Aki and then killed him to take control of the Future Devil’s power.

In conclusion, Aki was the type of personality that a Devil like Makima always wanted. A person with a sad past and the one who is easy to control. Aki said that it was Makima who took him under the Devil Hunter Association, so anyway he already owed Makima quite a lot!

Why Did Makima Try To Kill Denji?

Before understanding this whole situation, let’s take a step back and ask some questions about Makima. As you know, Makima is the Control Devil, and being the physical manifestation of Control, she will try everything to bring everything under her “Control.”

The very basic reason why Makima wants to kill Denji is because of her dream to re-awaken the Chainsaw Devil that resided inside Denji. As a Devil she is also a “fan” of the Chainsaw Devil, and since the Chainsaw Devil can erase anything from existence just by eating it, bringing it under control was the best option Makima had to full her so-called dream.

I have a completely different theory that may also have a tiny place in the main story. Okay, if you have read the manga, you’ll observe that there are only two characters in the series who don’t like to follow orders. The first one is Power, and there’s Denji. Though Power stays a bit scared in Makima’s presence, in normal circumstances she is more airheaded than anyone else. Denji on the other hand doesn’t listen to anything anyone has to say.

He doesn’t follow Makima’s orders because he is afraid of her, he is soft towards her because he likes her, and also the “special” treatment that Makima gives to him.

Chainsaw Man Chainsaw Devil
Chainsaw Devil

Now let’s compare two timeline of the story:

(1) The Final arc.
(2) The beginning of the series. The time before Denji acquired Pochita and was just a kid. You might have seen that scene in the trialer!

At the end of the series, Kishibe asked Makima about why was she doing such horrible things. Her reply to him was, “I want to end everything that’s negative in this world.” For the first time this statement might let you feel that Makima’s dream is for a better world! But, there’s more to it than just establishing a error-free world.

The root of her dream is to “Control” everything and steer the whole world as she likes. In the process she would remove anything that didn’t abide by her rules.

Since Denji killed his Father when he was a kid, he unconsciously fell in the wrong side of Makima’s “Good-Bad Filter.” Hence, that’s what I think is the basic reason behind her intense hatred towards Denji. The other reason could be Denji being the Chainsaw Devil and too powerful to ever be controlled!

Do you have anything else in you mind regarding these theories? Comment below and let’s share some thoughts!

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