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My Hero Academia 304 Spoilers, Raw Scans Leaked

While Todoroki and other heroes are getting ready to attack Dabi, Chapter 304 has something else for us. Deku is not yet awake and things are still not yet normal. Though All Might is with him, he cannot do anything about the sleeping Deku. But, there are many other revelations to be made, and it’s sure that the next time Deku awakes, he will be stronger and more matured than before. Not only that, when he hears that many Heroes are either dead or their status unknown, it would be hard for him to control his emotions. With this, let’s look into My Hero Academia 304 Spoilers.


Deku In Tough Spot

It’s been quite a long time since Deku is sleeping. Tension is building up among his peers and Bakugo cannot control his stress. But, what they cannot see is that Deku is a totally different environment gathering knowledge from the past holders of OFA.

There are also some other revelations made regarding the future of OFA. It seems that Deku is the final holder of OFA when it comes to a normal person. This is also a hint that we won’t get any sequel of MHA.

Keeping that aside, the final question that Deku is facing as of now is from Nana. The same question we are asking too – “Can Deku defeat Shigaraki?”

Well, it seems that this question will be eventually answered in the upcoming chapters. And, that’s what we learn from the last line: “Preparedness to be tested, At that moment, Deku is____”.

Well, one good thing is that we are not getting any breaks as of now and the Chapters will release as scheduled unless something extraordinary happens.


  • Chapter 304 Title: “Midoriya Izuku and Yagi Toshinori”
  • Deku is in a room with ALL of the Vestiges. He can stand, but his mouth is still covered in the Vestige world.
  • We finally see the 2nd and 3rd users, but we do not see their faces, they are both facing the wall with their backs turned to Deku.
  • It is revealed the 4th user died from the results of holding OFA. Yagi (All Might) looked through autopsy documents and found out that he burned out his own life.
  • All Might made OFA stronger by holding it for 40 years.
  • 4th User: “In conclusion, One For All can no longer be handled by ordinary humans.”
  • Deku concludes OFA can’t be transferred to normal people anymore and right now he’s the last of OFA successor.
  • Nana asks Deku if he can really kill Shigaraki.
  • Chapter ends with the line: “Preparedness to be tested, At that moment, Deku is____”.
  • No break next week, CH305 will be released on 14th March!

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