One Piece Zoro Takes Luffy's Pain
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One Piece Chapter 1034 Spoilers, Raw Scans

One Piece is presently focusing on Zoro and Sanji. On one hand Zoro is struggling to control Enma and on the other hand Sanji is struggling to land at least on powerful blow on Queen. Well, I don’t think Queen has revealed his real power.

Chapter 1034 Spoilers are out and I know you’re more interested in reading the Spoilers. So, let’s go!

Chapter 1033 Recap

Chapter 1033 mostly focused on Zoro’s struggle with Enma and its past. The revelation was enough to understand why Kuina was so talented even in such young age. Zoro must be feeling lucky that he unconsciously met history’s most skilled sword maker.

Though it didn’t matter in the situation Zoro was in. King was literally never missing a chance to attack him. The first part of the chapter covered Zoro’s struggle to control Enma and also saving himself from King’s attacks. And further the end part we saw Zoro’s past and the connection with Kuina.


As expected the Spoilers are released pretty again:

  • Chapter 1034 Title: “Sanji vs Queen.”
  • The name geisha that Sanji might have attacked is Osome and she is looking for her pet mouse Chuji.
  • Momonosuke grabs the clouds Kaido created and pulls them.
  • Queen reveals that he can use all the attacks of the Germa 66 members including Sanji’s invisible powers.
  • In response Sanji uses high-speed movements to counter Queen.
  • The geisha Osome enters the battlefield looking for her pet Chuji.
  • After Komurasaki’s death, Osome was Queen’s favorite geisha.
  • Queen tried to hire her services but it seems she never accepted. Queen attacks her in his invisible mode to take revenge on her.
  • Sanji responses his attack with the combination of strength, high-speed, exoskeleton and haki with weaponry traits to create a powerful attack!
  • The name of the attack is “Demonic Wind.”
  • Sanji then strings together a series of attacks and ends with one called “Beef Burst.”
  • Chapter ends with Sanji attacking Queen.

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