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The Millionaire Detective Balance: UNLIMITED Episode 9 Release Date, Discussion, Watch Online.

Now that we are nearing the end of the Anime, Balance Unlimited is getting even more serious and complex. In the previous episode of The Millionaire Detective: Balance Unlimited we saw, how Takei was behind the closure of the case involving Daisuke’s mother’s death.

After what we saw in episode 7, it was almost clear that what Daisuke and his team have found is just the tip of the underlying Ice-Berg. And it proved to be true. Let’s discuss Balance Unlimited episode 8 and episode 9.

Release Date:

The Millionaire Detective Balance: UNLIMITED episode 9 will release on Thursday, 10 September. The anime is not on hiatus and is running on schedule. 

Balance Unlimited Episode 8 RECAP:  

The Murder Witness:

The Episode starts with Sayuri’s murder. Kid Daisuke, sees his mother getting murdered in front of his eyes. Since he was a kid he could not do anything other than being shocked.

Search of a Clue:

The scene then transfers to Takei where he is kept in an enclosure for interrogation. Cho-san planned to interrogate Takei in Police Quarters but Daisuke declines and says that the Interrogation will Happen under the enclosure.

While Cho-san is trying to find out the real culprit behind Sayuri’s murder through interrogation, Daisuke, Suzue, and Kato are trying to find their own way. Daisuke and Suzue are still trying to find out a way to trick HEUSC, and Kato is digging himself in loads of files and photographs to find out any clue.

While searching about some secret documents, Suzue finds out that HEUSC was quietly deleting files that they are trying to find out. Kato finds a Photograph of Kid Daisuke with his Father and Mother.

The Photograph leads them to find out the secret lab where the restricted research was taking place.

Sayonara Cho-san:

After Daisuke enters the Lab, he finds out that everything was controlled by his father Shigemaru, and that he was not dead.
In the end, Shigemaru gains access to the Interrogation chamber where Takei and Cho-san were kept. He enters and Murders them.

In the end, we see that the police department taking the dead body of Cho-san and Takei. In the end scene, we are shown the dice that he always carried with him whenever he interrogated anyone.


This might be too much to say, but there could be a possibility that the dice that Cho-san carried was actually a voice recording device, and the reason he always took out the dice in front of his target proves it even more.
Or maybe it wasn’t always a recorder but, in the end, Daisuke may have provided him with such a device in case something happens unexpectedly.

Altogether, it is a huge loss to lose Cho-san because he was a veteran Detective and had years of experience.

Another thing to notice is that while Shigemaru was entering the facility he was confronted by Suzue, but he did not kill him, rather chose to injure her.

This provides a clue that Shigemaru may not especially be a Psychopath running around killing just anyone who comes close to him, but he chooses whom to kill.

Speculations and Seriousness aside, take a look at the Announcement of Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun Season 2.

Where to Watch Balance Unlimited:

You can watch Fugou Keiji Balance: Unlimited on these streams :



The Millionaire Detective Balance Unlimited is an anime series taken from a 1978 novel by Yasutaka Tsutsui. Tomohiko Itō directed the series under studio CloverWorks.

The story centers around Daisuke Kambe, who is a man of honor and pride. In addition to that, he possesses an exorbitant amount of wealth. Daisuke is a detective and when he is sent to the Modern Crime Prevention HQ, he teams up with Karu Katou and they both solve cases. But, Haru always complains about how Daisuke uses his wealth to solve cases, and uses fewer brains.

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