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My Hero Academia Chapter 314 Spoiler Leaks

Final panel of Chapter 313 revealed that Deku is finally making his move.

Few Chapters ago when Lady Nagant was revealed to have such terrifying quirk, we fans had an adrenaline rush. Why? If Deku clashed with her, then it would be the first time Deku would have to use all the powers of the previous generation’s quirk.

And, that’s exactly what happened. To distract him away from All Might, Lady Nagant destroyed the tracking device Deku was carrying. If that wasn’t enough, All Might was also attacked by some unknown crooks who call themselves villains.

Now, we have possibly reached the most interesting part where Midoriya will fight in close quarters with Nagant. Let’s hope she is not too OP to defeat in only few hits.

Chapter 313 Recap

The beginning of the chapter proved that All Might, even though he is frail now, is powerful enough to terrify some low-class villains.

All Might is one of the best foster-father in manga, and he plays his role very well.

Though there were only few panels, the level of “baddary” he showed was fantastic.

Next we move on to the main part of the chapter, where the battle between Deku and Lady Nagant is raging. Since she is using her new quirk, her attack radius has drastically increased.

Now, she can not only take concrete position anywhere, her ability to walk on air has made it nearly impossible for Deku to pin-point her exact location.

Well, as a result she was able to hit a single bullet, but Deku wasn’t hit directly. Yet, she is too OP.

Since the other Heroes haven’t arrived yet, Deku’s only option is to handle everything by himself. And, the worst thing for any sniper can be “smoke.” With a smokescreen, no one can hit a target even though they are the best marksman in the world.

This is when Midoriya makes his move. He knew that Nagant will expect him to escape. But, what he did was capture her gun. The chapter ends here with a cliffhanger.

It’s a cliffhanger ending, but, yet, it’s crystal clear that a bitter fight will follow in the next chapter. And, by now, I’m expecting Endeavor, and others to make their moves.

Let’s see what happens.


The Spoilers are out, and we have a surprising revelation in this Chapter:

  • Deku catches Lady Nagant, and see a brief scene of Deku’s thought’s.
  • Nagant is impressed by Deku’s movements.
  • He starts asking her questions about AFO, but she fights back saying that she hasn’t lost yet.
  • Deku wants to know why the Hero who was praised by so many turned to a Villain and is now working for AFO?
  • Nagant says that the society Deku is seeing is false and to truth is rather more dark.
  • After this, Nagant’s flashback starts..
  • Her carrier started when the Vigilantes were getting public attention and the people were also supporting them.
  • We then see her killing suspected terrorists who were begging for their life for they hadn’t done anything to receive such fate.
  • After day-to-day killings, Nagant starting questioning the system, and whether it was humane?
  • One day after returning from her work, tired, she got a call from Public Safety Commission’s Chairman to kill more such suspected people.
  • To that she started asking questions. The Chairman threatened her, and Nagant ended up killing the Chairman.
  • Deku was shocked after listening this story as this wasn’t the story everyone was told about.
  • Lady Nagant then says that she thinks the world AFO is thinking is more right than the world at present under Heroes.
  • To deviate Deku, she points her gun to Overhaul.
  • Chapter ends with Deku seeing Overhaul and recalls him as “Chisaki.”

My Hero Academia Chapter 313 was just released. As of now there are extremely limited spoilers available on the internet, that too, either fake or fan-made.

Hence, we’ll have to wait for some time before the official Spoilers start to arrive. I’m trying my best to put together any information regarding the next chapter updates.

Stay Tuned!!

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