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Danmachi Season 3 Episode 12 Release Date and Time.

After performing a miracle, Xenos are extremely happy that Wiene has returned from her death. But, danger yet looms for Xenos as Loki Familia and other hunters are still hunting the Xenos. On the other hand, Bell and other Hestia Familia members are hell-bent on saving the Xenos. What are the new surprises we will get to know now? Let’s look into Danmachi Season 3 Episode 12 release date

Release Date

Danmachi Season 3 Episode 12 will release on Friday, 18 December at 7:30 AM(PDT). Preview of the next episode shows that Hermes has plans to kill Xenos.


Wiene is Spared

In the previous episode, we saw Wiene getting distracted and leading herself to an unknown place. But, luck was not on her side since, while finding her path, she met a hunter.

The previous episode ended there, but what happened with Wiene is surprising. She was spared by the hunter who was tailing her. The reason why the hunter spared her is because Wiene saved a kid who was about to get crushed by boulders.

After sparing Wiene, the Hunter accepted that, maybe this is the reason why Bell is fighting for a Xenos.

Welf’s New Weapon

Mikoto and Welf are still facing Gareth, and and any power they both apply is not working against Gareth. It’s pretty obvious, since, Gareth is one of the strongest in Loki Familia.

After a long battle, Gareth defeats Mikoto and Welf and blows their cover. But, this did not stop Welf to use his newly made weapon. As he unleashed his new weapon’s power, Gareth got frozen, and officially letting Mikoto and Welf to advance.

This was not a simple win for both Mikoto and Welf, since, Gareth is way more stronger than any Hestia Familia member. We saw his insane power, when his one smash blew away all the Xenos.

Bell vs Ais

Ais has again found Bell and Wiene, and this time she is adamant to kill Wiene. A bitter battle ensues between Bell and Ais and Bell comes into defensive position after Ais overwhelms him.

But, Bell’s determination is stronger than Ais, hence, he distracts Ais and runs away with Wiene. And, here is what we see a surprising event unfold. After Bell showed Wiene a hidden pathway, he gets ready to fight Ais again. But, Wiene returns to convince Ais that Bell is not wrong.

To make Ais believe, Wiene breaks her finger nails and her fin. This enormous step mentally moves Ais and she decides not to kill Wiene.

Daedalus’ Secret

After Hestia has guided Xenos towards a pathway, she accidentally drops the Daedalus book on water. Upon dropping, the book reveals a hidden pathway and the episode ends with Hermes appearing in front of the trapped Xenos and declaring his decision to kill them.

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