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My Hero Academia S05 Episode 18 Release, Time & Discussion

My Hero Academia S05 is a crucial season of the entire series. Because now that Deku has reached towards the end of First Year of UA, things are getting more serious for him. Until now he was less experienced & fought only through emotions and less skill.

Training with Endeavor will help him polish all his techniques. And, training with Hero No.1 is obviously hard and tiring.

Deku has already awakened “Black Whip,” and there are other quirks to be awakened. But, the way the episodes are approaching, I won’t be surprised if the season ends before anything important happens. Most probably it will end with a massive cliffhanger.

With this, let’s see what we have in MHA S05 Episode 18.

Episode 17 Recap

After a refreshing filler in Episode 16, we are back again with Deku and the other two’s training. The three are having a tough day training with Hero No.1. Their day starts with chasing from mere thieves to villains.

On the other hand, Bakugo is always trying to beat Hero No.1. Maybe he thinks that beating the top hero will make him the best. Well, that’s how Bakugo is!

Besides their training, the episode also took a step forward in introducing Deku & Bakugo to Todoroki household. But, this event didn’t turn out to be as Fuyumi wanted. Though Shoto has partially forgiven Endeavor, his brother Natsuo still hasn’t. He still is in trauma recalling the way Endeavor treated his Mother and how his elder brother died.

Nothing special happened, besides, we can say that this episode was also a Filler in some ways showing how “Hellish” the Todoroki family is.

Episode 18 Release Date

Since My Hero Academia is not on a break, Episode 18 will release on Saturday, July 31st at 1:00 AM (PDT).

Endeavor is trying hard to bring his family together. Things are not yet working for him, but it will work now I guess. Preview of the next episode showed Natsuo being attacked by an unknown Villain who wants to take revenge.

Well, I can already see where this is going.

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