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One Piece Episode 959 Release Date & Time

As we are approaching the Great Wano War, little bits of information are slowly revealed. And undeniably, Episode 958 was one of the most important among them. While addressing his young marines, Sengoku told them a story about how Garp and Roger together defeated Rocks Pirates, headed by the infamous Pirate, Rocks D Xebec. But, what made Rocks Pirate extremely dangerous was the members it had. In its peak time, Rocks Pirates had White Beard, Kaido and Big Mom as members, making them the most feared Pirate group. With this, let’s look into One Piece Episode 959 Release Date and Time.

Release Date

One Piece Episode 953 will Release on Saturday, January 23 at 4:30 PM (PDT). The name of next Episode is “The Radnezvous Port! The Land of Wano Act Three Begins.


A Legacy Battle

The name of Episode 958 is “A Legacy Battle! Garp & Roger!.” Yes, it’s not Garp vs Roger, it’s Garp & Roger. In past episodes, we have seen Garp having a different kind of relationship with Roger (a friendly one) even though they were arch enemies. This is what made Roger different from most Pirates and Garp from other Marines.

But, many years ago, when Garp was young and a rising Marine, he teamed up with Roger and defeated the infamous Rocks Pirates. Though the reason was not clearly explained by Sengoku, it’s probably their ferocious nature.

As Sengoku started explaining the Rocks Pirates, the first thing that was shown is their cruel nature towards each other. These were Pirates who didn’t even have emotion towards their own crew. And, when there’s a large group headed by an another person, who is himself Barbarian like, the world is sure to go to ruin.

Hence, the Marines launched a mission to exterminate the Rocks Pirate. And, with the help of Roger, they were defeated. But, there are more questions than answers. Questions like, Why did Roger agreed to help? And why did Roger did not come to limelight even though he fought alongside Roger?

Maybe, we will never know this secret. But, it was this war that a “Hero” named Garp was born.


The battle against the Rocks Pirates took place in God Valley. And, it was many years ago. Probably more than 20-30 years ago. What’s shocking is that, the island doesn’t exist now! Everything related to island has vanished without a trace.

There are speculation that the Celestial Dragons have a hand in this incident, but, it was hushed up and never clearly revealed in public. Well, I think that Oda is trying to hide something from us.

Why would the most powerful Pirate Group in the world be present in an unknown island, and incidentally the name of the island is “God Valley?”

Well! whether the island has anything to do with One Piece or not, we will learn only with Oda reveals something about it. Or maybe the God Valley will remain a mystery similar to Why Zoro lost his one eye.

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