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Black Clover Episode 161 Release Date & Time

After the release of Episode 158, it felt as if Black Clover has taken rebirth. The quality of animation and on top of it, upgraded characters are something that we were waiting since long. There is a reason why the latest episodes feels different and the animation team are pushing for better animation. The war against Spade Kingdom is about to begin and this is by far the most intense arc Black Clover series. And talk of the devil, Zenon has appeared. Enough talk let’s look into Black Clover Episode 161 Release Date & Time.

Release Date

Black Clover Episode 161 will Release at 1:25 AM(PDT) on Tuesday, January 26. The name of the next Episode is “Zenon’s Power.


Yuno’s Past

In the previous Episode we saw a new character from the Spade Kingdom. According to him, Yuno is the Prince of Spade Kingdom and the only possible heir. But, Yuno does not want to believe and why would he?

He was too young to remember anything. But, Ralph had his magic ready that would be enough for Yuno to believe. And after enveloping Yuno in his Fire, we get to see the memories from the time he was born till the time he was delivered outside the Church.

It is revealed that The Three Dark Triads were actually Knights of Spade Kingdom and were feared due to their immense power. Due to this, they were looked upon with more suspicion with time.

But, it was too late and all the three committed treason. Countless guards were killed and Dante even tried to kill Yuno, but Ralph’s father saved him. What happened to Yuno’s Father and Mother is still unknown. They were most likely killed by Dante.

The War Begins

Finally, the War has officially begun. While Yuno was learning about his past, an emergency call forced him to return to the Golden Dawn Headquarters. We must not forget that Yuno is now the Vice-Captain of Golden Dawn, and anything that happens in the Golden Dawn, he will receive the information immediately.

But, the damage has been already done. With only two Stage-Zero mages, more that half of Golden Dawn members are either dead or severely injured. And Zenon has reached where William is. There is a reason why Zenon is interested in William and not other Captains. It’s probably his unique ability.

The episode ended with Yuno reaching the Golden Dawn Headquarters and finding all the mages laying on the ground.

It’s the first time we have seen Yuno expressing himself so deeply. The next episodes are going to absolute entertainment. We all are eagerly waiting for it.

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