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Black Clover Chapter 269 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Read Online.

Black Clover is at its best arc yet. We are struck with back-to-back revelation. First we came to know the truth about Yuno and now we also come to know the past of Astas Devil. It would be exciting to see how Tabata unrolls the story. With this, let’s see what we have for Black Clover Chapter 269.


Chapter 269 will officially release on 25 October. Black Clover Chapter 269 Leaks are out and here are the leaks:

  • Liebe uses the other broad sword of Asta after taking in out from the Girmoire.
  • Asta goes to use Yami’s Sword to counter Liebe.
  • Next panel shows Asta’s past friend and foes turned friends.
  • To attack Liebe, Asta uses the same Sword style as Yami uses and surprises Nacht.
  • Asta lands a blow on Liebe and defeats him.

But, we can predict the upcoming Chapters based on several rumors circulating around the web.


Yami’s Shadow:

We for sure know that Asta believes and respects Yami. But, using Yami’s signature sword style to defeat the devil was a sudden move by Tabata that even a staunch follower of Black Clover would not have thought.

This shows clearly that Asta is adamant and wants to save Yami and defeat Liebe in any way possible. Asta wants to become the Wizard King and as of now among all the Knights only Yami is capable of becoming a Wizard King (Not that other Captains are not Powerful!).

Asta using Yami’s sword to defeat Liebe conveys two messages:

  • Asta is serious.
  • Asta is on the right path in becoming the Wizard King.

Is Liebe Defeated?

After Asta landed a severe blow on Liebe most of us would think the this is it for Liebe and now, he would listen to anything Asta says.

But, I don’t think the battle is over yet. Since, Asta’s attack could be sort of an eye-opener for Liebe. Maybe Asta is still on a “Talk” Mode.

For that we will have to wait for Chapter 270 Chapter.

Next Chapter Prediction:

A Devil’s Hate Towards Devils :

In the previous Chapter we saw how Liebe was bullied by other devils just because he was weak and had no magical ability. And he later landed into the Human Realm suddenly. He being bullied and then Licita being killed by Lucifero filled him with anger and rage against the Devils.

We are now pretty much sure that Licita is Asta’s mother since, in the end of the previous Chapter panel we see her keeping a little basket in front of a building, probably the church where Asta and Yuno grew.

Now, it is a question as to how Asta will conquer the Devil’s hatred and his malice.

Mystery Behind The 5 Leaf Clover :

One crucial thing to notice is that, before Asta got his 5 leaf clover, Licita was the one who got it. And she claims that it is because of the 5 leaf clover that a devil was attracted to her. But, the question remains that, before Licita got the 5 leaf clover, who had it?

There are many conspiracy theory that suggest that the 5 leaf clover was an event similar to Death Note and it was because of the 5 leaf clover that Liebe was able to come to the Human Realm. The question of the weapons inside the 5 Leaf Clover also remains a question.

How was Liebe able to yield those weapons? But, this question does not seem to carry enough weight, as we still don’t know everything about Devils.

Black Clover Zagred
Zagred : Fandom

When Jagred revealed his full-form, he was seen having extremely powerful magical ability. The most terrifying of them was the magical ability to alter his surroundings through speech. This gave him an unfair advantage over the knights. Along with Speech Magic, Zagred can also use copy magic. He also summoned monsters from the demon realm which were capable of sucking magic and life-force. He could also distort space with a trident.

Hence, the actual question is What is the Mystery about the 5 Leaf Clover? Read Below!


We missed a crucial hint back when Zagred obtained the 5 leaf clover. He was able to summon demons after obtaining the 5 leaf clover. Hence, we get a clue into how Liebe came into the Human Realm. Though this is just a theory for now until Tabata officially declares anything.

When Nacht revealed that Spade Kingdom is trying to open a path for the Devils to come into the Human Realm, we learned about the Tree of Qlipoth. Maybe they don’t have the know yet that there is a possibility to summon demon from the 5 leaf clover if used under certain circumstances.


So, as it turns out, Asta did not take the “Talk” approach and went over to directly attack Liebe. This shows how unpredictable Tabata can be with his approach. Most of rumors were suggesting that Asta may be take a Talk approach rather than fighting head-on.

But, the battle is not over yet. Until Liebe accepts his defeat, we must still take this blow from Asta with a grain of salt.

Tabata has been playing mind games with us readers and introducing to us with unexpected surprises. Somehow, I still believe that Asta will try to talk Liebe into what he wants.

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