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Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 146 Spoilers, Raw Scans

Chapter 145 revealed the real identity of Tengan. It seems that when a human is alive for more than 500 years, their entire physical structure changes, and the same thing has happened with him too. On top of that, we are now getting a clear idea about the very basic reason behind this whole mess. Also, we are seeing a slight of Gojo’s return from the Prism Realm. But, the most intriguing aspect of Chapter 145 was a new Sorcerer having the capability to nullify other techniques. This Sorcerer may single-handedly save Gojo and numerous other Sorcerers. Now, Let’s look into Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 146 Spoilers and few Discussions.

Recap & Discussion

A New Character?

Hana Kurusu. The JJK community is calling Hana the “Asta of Jujutsu Kaisen.” And, it’s pretty obvious why such is so. Though her complete capabilities are not yet revealed, her main technique is more than enough to defeat not only curses but also sorcerers.

Her physical appearance is nothing special, only that she has an angel-like aura about her, but also a discerning face, showing no signs of mercy.

Other than that, it’s almost sure that she is going to be the main focus of the upcoming chapters as she is the one who can free Gojo from the Prison Realm. Well, let’s see what happens when the new chapters comes out.

Gojo’s Release Imminent?

Kenjaku is a mastermind, the previous chapter have proved it. Kenjaku not only killed the previous owners of Six-Eyes, but now he has a new plan to subdue and prison them in the Prison-Realm for eternity.

Chapter 145 also revealed that Noritoshi Kamo was not the real man behind all this, but Kenjaku. That’s a huge revelation and without Tengan we would never know about this.

If Hana Kurusu agrees to help the present sorcerers, then she may penetrate into the Prison Realm and release Gojo. Gojo’s release wouldn’t be so complex if he didn’t destroy the weapons Toji had. And, it’s impossible to enter through the front door since Kenjaku has his eyes on it.

I’ve a feeling that within 10 chapters, we will see Gojo out of the realm.


Chapter 146 Spoilers are here, and we have a pleasant surprise.

  • The meeting continues between Tengan and the Sorcerers.
  • Shoko says that if we remove the Cursed Technique from any Sorcerer’s body, it may cause death.
  • There is conversation between Itadori and Yuta. It’s some kind of promise?
  • Finally, Hakari makes his appearance.
  • Yuta says that he(Hakari) may be stronger than me.
  • In the final pages we see a new character who is probably 35 years old and a comedian?
  • His name is apparently Kendo Kobayashi.

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