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Fire Force is on Fire with this new Arc.

With the end of 13th episode, Fire Force Season 2 is already halfway through the Second Season. In episode 12 of Fire Force we saw how powerful Joker is and his dark past. It’s pretty hard to note down each and every revelation, but, in one word we can say that the next episodes are going to be even more exciting and pumped with “Fire”.

The official website and Twitter of Fire Force announced that the next Arc “Haijima Arc” will be starting next week, and to celebrate they revealed a new visual and trailer.

The above poster shows the mayhem it will be in from the next week of Fire Force. In the next episode we will be introduced to a new character. His name is Kurono Yuichiro. It is said that he is powerful enough to challenge even Benimaru, who is considered almighty and with whom even Captain Burns does not want to mess with.

The Haijima Arc will focus on the kid that Rekka infected with the fire bug. Nataku Son. The above poster is also centered towards Nataku Son, and with the visuals we can see the confused state the kid is.

The Opening and Ending song was also announced: KANA-BOON will perform the opening theme song “Torch of Liberty” and PELICAN FANCLUB will perform the ending theme songs “Desire”.

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