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All Black Clover Characters With Death Flag

Lately Black Clover had picked up a lot of steam thanks to the beginning of Final Arc. But the Final Arc had two scenarios for us. Both good and bad.

The Good is that non of the important character have died, and the Bad is that there’s a high chance that someone may die in the Final Arc.

In fact I would say that Tabata hasn’t killed-off anyone till now because he wanted to do it in the Final Arc.

So, in this post I’ll point out all Black Clover characters with Death-Flag...

(1) Yami Sukehiro

This is not the first time when BC community is speculating Yami’s death. From the very beginning of the series, there has been strong signals that Yami is too OP for the story and, at some point, will be severely nerfed. Thankfully that never happened.

Yami Gives Asta His Sword
Yami Sukehiro

The Spade Kingdom Arc came the closest to kill Yami, but he was saved. I’m afraid this might not happen in Final Arc. What do you say?

(2) Mereoleona Vermillion

Mereoleona quickly gathered a lot of fan-following after her introduction in the story. She is OP, and everybody’s “one-san.” And, of course, she is insanely powerful. Most powerful than Yami if I’m not mistaken.

Mereoleona Black Clover
Mereoleona Vermillion

Though my anime instincts are not signalling her death, but she might sacrifice herself to save Clover Kingdom. the same thing Julius did when the elves attacked.

(3) Julius Novachrono

I’m almost certain that Julius will die at the end of Black Clover. Lucius has already taken over his soul and body, and might have also corrupted his soul. There’s a high chance that to kill Lucius and Astaroth Julius might end-up sacrificing himself.

Julius Novachrono (Wizard King) Black Clover
Julius Novachrono

Because as of now he has no magic, he has no body, Lucius saw the future and most probably sealed him. So, Julius have not option but to just wait and succumb.

(4) Nozel Silva

Killing an important supporting character is a great way for a protagonist’s growth. We have seen this repeatedly! In Naruto, One Piece, etc. Hence, if Black Clover follows the same path, Nozel might end up dying.

Black Clover Nozel Silva
Nozel Silva

The most obvious scenario would be that of him trying to save Noelle. He would receive a fatal attack directed towards Noelle and sacrifice himself in the process.

(5) Langris Vaude

Langris was one of the most hated Black Clover character at one time. But he has improved a lot. Though he demonstrates hatred at almost everything, deep inside, he is terribly sad. Sad to the point where he wouldn’t think twice to sacrifice himself.

Langris Vaude Black Clover
Langris Vaude

Tabata has also hinted that Finral has more potential than Langris, so this theory might end-up coming true.

(6) Fuegoleon Vermillion

Fuegoleon is the second Vermillion in this death-flag list. He is fierce, just like his sister, and also has a commanding personality. He is better suited to be a leader. And as with most leaders, they sacrifice themselves for the betterment of their squad and society.

Fuegoleon Vermillion Black Clover
Fuegoleon Vermillion

But if I compare him to Nozel, Fuegoleon doesn’t have the same intense death-flag as with Nozel. On top of that Leopold is no older and experienced enough to lead as a Captain yet.

(7) Magna Swing

Magna is the second Black Bull member in this. Magna has an explosive personality, but is relatively weak and a lot less experience than many other characters. Yes, he really did become powerful in the Spade Kingdom Arc, but I have doubt he would survive after the Final Arc is over.

Magna Black Clover
Magna Swing

Or the vice-verse can also happen! Luck might end-up dying. Who knows!

(8) Sister Lily

If there is one character other than Yami, it’s Sister Lily. It’s not just me, but a majority portion of BC community speculates that Sister Lily might die. And I guess their speculation is coming true because Lucius has corrupted her soul.

Sister Lily Black Clover
Sister Lily

As of writing this, Nun Lily has become Devil Lily. Thanks to Lucius’ Soul Magic. How different it is from Megicula’s control magic is what we have to see!

(9) Liebe

Liebe’s only purpose in his life is the destruction of the Devils. He can do anything to achieve it. He in fact tried to take over Asta’s body to fulfill his dream. Now that almost every high-ranking devil is dead, I’m smelling a possibility that Liebe may go all-out the final time.

Black Clover New Opening

The other scenario is that he might sacrifice himself to save Asta’s life and merge himself with Asta’s soul. Do let me know you views on this short speculation…

(10) Nacht Faust

Nacht always works in a risky environment. He infiltrated deep into the Spade Kingdom while the Three Dark Triads were at power. He came the closest to death not ones but twice. The first time while trying to control a Devil, and the second against Lilith & Nahamah.

Nacht Faust Black Clover
Nacht Faust

I wonder whether he will survive the third time? Time Magic is a type of Magic that works on almost everyone whether they have Devil powers or not. It’ll be quite interesting to see how events turn-up…

Conclusion & FAQ

Pheww… We have finally reached the conclusion. Well, these are the ten characters with the strongest death-flag.

Do you think I missed someone? While I think of some other names, why don’t you suggest me some?

Will Sister Lily Die In Black Clover?

No Sister Lily might not die in Black Clover. Asta might save her.

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