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SAO Memories Still Remain.

The final War of Sword of Online: War of Underworld of over and all threats has been demolished. With the end of the War, there is almost nothing left in the Underworld to be done. Also fans of SAO are sad and lost after the end of the series. The War was brewing since years and SAO followers were waiting for the day when Kirito would wake up and win the War.

But, now that the War has ended, we won’t see those characters ever in SAO. Even though at the end of the last episode we saw that SAO Progressive will release in the future, the excitement was short-lived as there is no exact date when the series will release. There are high chances that we won’t get the series before 2022 or maybe the beginning of 2023.

To cheer up fans, the creators of the series have an Easter Egg for us.

If you remember, in the end of the final episode Kirito used an IP Address to enter the underworld. If you type the IP Address on you brower, you will find a real website. This is the IP Address: working as of October 2021)

If you insert this IP Address in your browser, you will get a hearty message. Nothing else, but, it will work as a balm and nostalgia for fans, to celebrate the series even more.

Such a simple message but, the depth of the picture is worth a thousand words.

The upcoming Sword of Online is named Progressive and we got a sneak peak into what we will get to see.

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