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Black Clover Chapter 328 Spoilers Raw Scans

Hey, it’s time for Black Clover Chapter 328 Spoilers, Raw Scans.

Didn’t you like Chapter 327 ending? This is probably the first time Lucifero has felt pain…And I’m sure this pain will only increase with time!

But Asta only has 5 seconds to land his final hit…Whether he can do it is what we’ll learn in Black Clover Chapter 328 Spoilers, Raw Scans (if available).


I’m more excited for Black Clover Chapter 328 than I’m annoyed for how short the chapters are!!

Honestly, it’s frustrating to get only 9-10 pages that too after a week…Well, let’s not complain and move on to the Predictions.

I guess Asta has finally achieved complete Devil Reunion. Liebe is nowhere to be seen, and they are like two bodies sharing same emotions cell-by-cell.

Liebe’s love for Licita and Asta’s determination to beat Lucifero has done wonders I guess!

If this wasn’t surprising enough, Yami has finally acknowledged Asta’s capabilities. And I can already see who’s going to become the next Captain of Black Bulls!

Black Clover Asta Devil
Asta’s Devil Form

I got shivers after looking at the last panel…Lucifero receiving a tight hit? Well that was surprising.

So, what’s going to happen in Chapter 328? Most probably the chapter will continue from where it ended. I don’t know what will happen to Yami and Nacht. Maybe the other Devil will intervene now.

I just hope that Tabata doesn’t change the scene to other Captains’ status and forget about Asta vs Lucifero. We have finally entered the final phase of the War with Asta’s attack.

Well it just came to me, but I have a strong feeling that the “other mysterious Devil” is Beelzebub! He is also insanely powerful Devil, almost as powerful as the highest Devils.

In the previous chapters we saw Yuno was not in any good condition, and I’m pretty sure too that Mimosa is already healing him…

Now, whether he’ll rejoin the battle after that is anybody’s question…

Chapter 328 Spoilers

The Spoilers are here:

  • Chapter 328 title: All the Way.
  • Battle continues between Lucifero and Asta.
  • Lucifero throws chunks of earth on Asta, but he dodges everything.
  • Then we see a flash back about why Licita abandoned Asta…
  • Lucifero tries to hit Asta, but nothing happens.
  • Lucifero remembers Licita and Liebe and then he burst into anger.
  • Lucifero tries to punch Asta again, but he simple slashes him half.
  • We see Lucifero fallen on the ground and Asta’s Devil Union coming undone…

Unfortunately it seems the two biggest manga are on a break this week. Black Clover Chapter 328 Spoilers will arrive after few days.

If that wasn’t enough, One Piece is also on a break and the anime too isn’t airing. Let’s just hope the hiatus ends soon…

Rest assured I’ll update this page as soon as I find something…

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