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Will Bocchan Get Freed From The Curse? Will Alice Die?

What would happen if a Witch suddenly curses a child to have a life that nobody deserves? We are talking about a child who has barely experienced few years after his birth.

The Duke of Death & his Maid is a manga series that is gathering thousands of eyeballs every week after its anime release. If you have watched “Black Butler,” you’ll like this anime as well, though these two have a difference.

To keep it short, “The Duke of Death & his Maid” is similar to “Teasing Master Takagi-san,” only with a plot where the protagonist, Bocchan, is trying to cure his curse.

While watching the anime, fans have countless questions regarding the Curse and Alice. The anime community is already coming with countless speculations and theories regarding the curse and the future that lies.

In this post I will try to explain every question that is surrounding this anime.


Why Was Bocchan Cursed?

This is the very prime question when we start watching the series. What did a kid 5 years of age do to receive a punishment so intense? I searched quite a bit and still didn’t find the exact answer, and how would I?

Entire manga is based on the story of this poor guy trying to get rid of a curse. A curse he probably doesn’t even know why he has to experience! But, I have some theories that may help solving this question.

So, here are some theories I have come up with:

(1) The Witch had a Grudge against this family.
(2) Bocchan did something mistakenly that irked a mad Witch with anger issues.
(3) Bocchan’s mother humiliated the Witch for some reason and so she cursed Bocchan to extract revenge.

(4) This one might be unusual, but, there could be chance that the Witch is pure evil and wants to see someone suffer just for fun, and she chose Bocchan’s loving nature for her entertainment.

The First reason is very common in a manga series, where a Witch wants to make the family suffer by taking one of the most precious things they have. And, for a sane parent there is no one other than their child who is more precious. Up until now, we have not seen Bocchan’s Dad.

Bocchan & Alice

There could be a reason that the Witch had a strong Grudge against either the Dad or the Mother itself.

The Second one seems not that likely, but, who knows everything is possible.

Third also seems very likely. Since, we have seen that Bocchan’s Mother is not only cold with him, but also her other kids. Duke’s are anyway drenched with ego, and even a little dust on their handkerchief can ruin the day. And, here we are talking about a Witch who anyways everyone hates. So, if in the future it’s revealed that this is the reason for the whole curse thing, I won’t be very much surprised.

The Duke of Death & His Maid Bocchan & Alice
Bocchan & Alice

If the Fourth one is true then she isn’t a Witch, but a human manifestation of Devil. This sort of thing is what we are seeing in Black Clover at present. The three Dark Triads wrecking havoc everywhere only because it’s “entertaining.” And, the very first chapter of the manga shows something very similar to this theory.

What is your take on this?

How Will Be The Curse Broken?

Now, as far as I have read the manga, it seems the curse is extremely powerful. Yes, powerful enough even for seasoned witches to not cure it. One of the Witches said that the curse is stuck to Bocchan in such a way that it would be too much of hassle to get rid of it.

And, the worst thing is that the manga is now approaching almost 200th chapter and we still haven’t seen the Witch. From what I can think of, here are some ways to cure the curse:

(1) The Witch has to die (the manga has revealed that the witch is already dead, so this won’t work).
(2) The Witch takes a pity on the Duke(which I don’t think she would) and reduces the span of the curse.
(3) The Curse doesn’t work on someone who has mutual love for Bocchan. ex : Alice, Rob.

(4) A more powerful Witch uses her life-energies to cure it.

If the Witch is already dead, the first two won’t make much of a meaning. The third one though, there is a chance. What we are usually focusing is the “death-touch” curse, but, the other one is that “nobody will love him”. If Bocchan & Alice love each other, then there could be a chance.

And, the Fourth point of the most common one among all. A more powerful Witch can counter a more weaker Witch’s curse. And, this is the shortest way to get rid of it.

I was searching about some ideas and read some manga with almost same plot, and I found the fourth option to be the most common.

Is Alice The Witch?

Here is the wildest theory I think might be revealed in the future.

What about Alice being the Witch who cursed Bocchan? No, I don’t mean that a kid can curse someone with such a strong curse, but, since the Witch is already dead, how about the Witch died and took birth as Alice?

Some wires connect to this theory, but, most don’t. The only time we have seen the Witch is in the beginning of the manga, though half-faced. So, it’s still not clear whether the Witch was alive when she cursed the poor Duke!

And, soon after this incident, Alice came into Bocchan’s life. In one of the early chapter when Bocchan revealed his love, Alice cried, not because she was joyed, but out of sadness. After that she already had set her time of departure.

All these complex cliffhanger revelation throw more than enough questions about Alice’s true identity.

Does Alice Die?

No! she won’t die. If she had to die, then she should have died years ago.

I was thinking as to how can Alice come so close to the Duke even if she knows that a single touch can end her life? So, here is what I think!

For some reason or another, Alice has a power that neutralizes the curse. What I mean is that the curse doesn’t work on her. Hence, now that she knows this fact, she can be free to behave in any way in front of him. And, just in case one day the Duke touches her, the response would be neutral.

This also proves to be true since she became Bocchan’s maid when they were a kid. How could a parent leave their kid with someone who can end their life in an instant? Isn’t that peculiar?

Another thing to note is that the curse can bypass clothes. The Duke always wears gloves, and anything touches him loses life. If this is the case then how can Alice kiss Bocchan through a glass window? A glass window is thin enough for the curse to work.

Here is my take of the theory! I would like to hear from you too!

Will Bocchan & Alice Stay Together?

Bocchan and Alice met each other when they were a kid. And, it’s been so many years after that. The only person living in the mansion is Bocchan, Alice and Rob, though Rob doesn’t make much appearance.

The fact that these two love each other is pretty evident from the very beginning of the series. And, of course why won’t Bocchan love Alice? After the time he got cursed, she was the only female who showed affection towards him. And, if you can recall, the curse not only empties life from a living object, but, also people stop being affectionate.

Hence, I’m speculating that this is the reason why Bocchan’s Mother too developed intense dislike towards her son.

So, despite this powerful curse, Alice stayed with her Bocchan for so many years. Even if they don’t marry, they won’t be able to live without each other.

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  1. Another possibility is, The Witch cursed him to make him a kind, humble, and a wise person. To make him realize the pain of the poor. So that he can be an excellent heir of their house. And I think the Witch lives within the household. Or could be a friend of someone in the household, who wants good of the duke.

    1. Well, the flashbacks have shown that Bocchan has been a kind person since his childhood. In fact, even his sister and brother also behave well to him. So, this doesn’t seem the case! The Mother’s behavior is just an “Act” to make her eldest child strong. This was revealed when Bocchan confessed his feelings for the Maid. I can explain this whole thing, but it would be too lengthy 😛

  2. I have only seen the anime
    Is there anything about Alice’s mother?
    According to what I saw it looked very likely that she’s the witch
    for using the spell see died or went into a comma?

    1. I read the manga when the anime was airing, but dropped after. I checked the manga again and didn’t see anything about Alice’s mother being the Witch! I’m curious about this too!!

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