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Black Clover Episode 169 Release Date & Time

As we near the end of Black Clover anime, we get to know the last member of the Black Bulls. Nacht, the Vice-Captain. But, this character is completely different from other members of the squad. He honest and on top of it, the only person who has four devils under his control. But, Nacht has a past that he doesn’t want to reveal to anyone. Noelle on the other hand has woken up surrounded by the Elves. I smell a serious development of our characters, they will probably go into severe training as they don’t have much time to save their Captains. With this, let’s look into Episode 169 Release Date & Time.

Episodes Discussion


The entrance of Nacht is not less than a good luck for Asta. After getting healed, he was planning to raid Spade Kingdom alone to bring his Captain back. But, then we get introduced to a the Vice-Captain of Black-Bulls.

Though in one of the past episodes, we saw a member of Black-Bulls finding out the secret about the Tree of Qliphoth, but the identity wasn’t revealed. Now that we know who he is, it’s pretty evident that he is powerful and also intelligent at what he does.

The very first thing that he has decided to do is train Asta to control his Devil. Now, how that goes is only a question we will have to see in the next episodes. But, we only have one episode left. I wonder, how much will be revealed?

Noelle’s New Training?

On the other hand, we see Noelle waking up surrounded by the Elves. the first question we surely have is “How did she end-up there?”

But, I smell a major training waiting for Noelle. The Elves are definitely stronger than Humans, hence, training under them will make Noelle stronger and also awaken her hidden powers.

But, what about the other characters? Luck? Magna? Gaja? I guess they are also in the same line with Noelle.

Release Date

Black Clover Episode 169 will Release at 1:25 AM(PDT) on Tuesday, March 23. The name of the next Episode is “The Devil-Binding Ritual”. The name of the episode clearly signifies that Nacht will teach Asta to control his Devil.

Only two episodes are left of Black Clover. There is no concrete news about when the anime will return. But, I have a rough guess that until the Manga has enough material, we won’t get next season.

The crunch between the Manga and Anime is the only reason why Black Clover Anime is ending. Even after so many chapters of constant Fillers, we have reached extremely close to the Manga.

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