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Does Nacht Die in Black Clover? EXPLAINED!!

The vice-captain of Black Bulls is arguably one of the most secretive character in Black Clover. But, does Nacht die?

He has played one of the most crucial role in the series that gave both the Heart & Clover Kingdom time to ready themselves for the War that happened. If it wasn’t for him, Yami and William would be gone by now!


Nacht’s Role In The War

To explain his role in raiding the Spade Kingdom and save the Captains is hard. You can say that the very reason why Clover Kingdom and Heart Kingdom are performing well against the Devils is because of him.

I’m not saying that if Nacht’s wasn’t there the War wouldn’t happen, it would, but the sheer lack of information would pulverize Clover & Heart Kingdom and would also lead to Yami and William’s death.

Here are some of the roles that Nacht has played in the Spade Kingdom War:

  • He found out the truth about the “Tree of Qliphoth,” and the sinister plan to sacrifice Yami and William.
  • When every Captain of Clover Kingdom were freaking about the Yami & William incident, Nacht gave them a perfect direction. You can say that he became the Captain of Captains for a short duration of time.
  • Asta awaken his Devil because of Nacht.
  • Since Nacht was a spy, he had first-hand experience of Spade Kingdom’s Castle.
  • Nacht recruited Mereoleona and we all know what happens when she enters any battle field.
Black Clover Lucifero_Revealed
Lucifero: Fandom

Another crucial point that we are missing is that without Nacht, Asta, too, would be dead by now. Why? After losing Yami, he tried to go to Spade Kingdom, and, we know what would be the consequences if this happened.

Hence, when the Dark Triads lose, if there is someone who should be congratulated is the Vice-Captain of Black Bulls.

Though, I feel we will receive a bitter-sweet ending of this All-out War.

Nacht’s Devils

Nacht is the only one who has not one but four Devils under his command. Before the introduction of Dark Triad, Asta was the only one with Devil possession. But, things changed rapidly when Zagred came. And, now we are surrounded by Devils, too many of them actually.

Taking about Nacht’s Devils, he has four devils, and, each one has different crucial powers.

Gimodelo can summon clones from Nacht’s shadow.
Slotos can increase strength and Resilience.
Plumede can shoot its user’s agility higher.
Walgner can paralize its opponent for a short duration of time.

Among the three, Gimodelo is with Asta helping him master his technique of unification. Hence, Nacht, as of now, is left with only three devils, rather than four.

This is still a mystery about why did Nacht decide to control so many of them? What led him to take such extreme steps?

Will Nacht Die?

Nacht somehow survived the first phase of the War. Now that we will enter the final and probably the most brutal portion, question are rising again whether Nacht will die?

Nacht Black Clover
Nacht: Fandom

Even though he has four devils under his sleeve, he struggled to fight Dante. If Asta didn’t arrive in the right moment, he would have died long ago!

I can say that Nacht is better as a spy than a fighter!

Now, to answer the question whether Nacht will die?

Yes, there’s a chance that by the end of Black Clover Nacht will die! His death would be more of a sacrifice than just death from battle.

But, if ever such situation appear, there is chance to save him. I’ll explain below how.

What If Nacht Dies?

The very first thing that will happen is the Wailing of Black Clover Community. And, then the characters in Black Clover will cry or enter in shock.

But, what will follow after that is ravage of the Devils and Dark Triads. Chapter 284 not only revealed Nacht’s defeat, but also the Elves’ “Ultimate Magic.”

After Noelle got defeated by Vanica, she woke up to the Elves, and planned to train herself with Ultimate Magic. Many other also joined after her.

Black Clover New Opening

Well, even if let’s say not everyone mourns his death, I’m pretty sure Yami will! Because he is the only one who knows how sad Nacht is in real life.

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