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Does Nacht Die in Black Clover? EXPLAINED!!

Touted as one of the most secretive characters in Black Clover Universe, the latest Chapter of Black Clover has revealed a worrying state of Nacht. In The end of Chapter 284, we see Nacht being pinned with Ice piercing all over his body. If that wasn’t worse, we also don’t see any of his Devil’s physical manifestation. Why is this worrying? Since Nacht has not one but 4 Devils under his control. This post will discuss the future of the Vice-Captain of the Black Bulls.


Nacht’s Role In The War

To explain Nacht’s role in raiding the Spade Kingdom and save the Captains is hard. You can say that the very reason why Clover Kingdom and Heart Kingdom are performing well against the Devils is because of him. I’m not saying that if Nacht’s wasn’t there the War wouldn’t happen, it would, but the sheer lack of information would pulverize Clover & Heart Kingdom and this also lead to Yami and William’s death.

Here are some of the roles that Nacht has played in the Spade Kingdom War:

  • Nacht found out the truth about the “Tree of Qliphoth,” and the sinister plan to sacrifice Yami and William.
  • When every Captain of Clover Kingdom were freaking about the Yami & William incident, Nacht gave them a perfect direction. You can say that Nacht became the Captain of Captains for a short duration of time.
  • Asta awaken his Devil because of Nacht.
  • Since Nacht was a spy, he had first-hand experience of Spade Kingdom’s Castle.
  • Nacht recruited Mereoleona and we all know what happens when she enters any battle field.
Black Clover Lucifero
Lucifero: Fandom

Another crucial point that we are missing is that without Nacht, Asta, too, would be dead by now. Why? After losing Yami, he tried to go to Spade Kingdom, and, we know what would be the consequences if this happened.

Hence, when the Dark Triads lose, if there is someone who should be congratulated is the Vice-Captain of Black Bulls.

Though, I feel we will receive a bitter-sweet ending of this All-out War.

Nacht’s Devils

Nacht is the only one who has not one but four Devils under his command. Before the introduction of Dark Triad, Asta was the only one with Devil possession. But, things changed rapidly when Zagred came. And, now we are surrounded by Devils, too many of them actually.

Taking about Nacht’s Devils, he has four devils, and, each one has different crucial powers.

Gimodelo can summon clones from Nacht’s shadow.
Slotos can increase strength and Resilience.
Plumede can shoot its user’s agility higher.
Unnamed fourth devil hasn’t been discussed about yet.

It’s the fourth devil with unknown characteristics that could be a major game-changer. Looking at its physical characteristics, it’s a bird. This could mean that by using its power Nacht can fly in air and become more agile not only on land, but also in air.

Among the three, Gimodelo is with Asta helping him master his technique of unification. Hence, Nacht, as of now, is left with only three devils, rather than four.

This is still a mystery about why did Nacht decide to control so many of them? What led him to take such extreme steps?

Will Nacht Die?

As said before, the latest Chapter 284 leaks suggest a worrisome situation. The last panel of the Chapter is dedicated to Nacht’s condition. To understand this, let’s go back few chapters, and see what happened.

Nacht Black Clover
Nacht: Fandom

After Dante’s intense attacks, Jack was almost useless, and Nacht was only making through somehow, tough it was his Devil’s power into play. In the same Chapter, Nacht accepted that he cannot defeat Dante, and the most he can do is stop him, but that too has a certain limit.

The only one who can defeat Dante is Asta’s Anti-Magic.

Things went worse, when Dante unleashed two other extremely power Devils, Lilith & Naamah. Now, it became almost impossible for him to counter three Highest-Rank Devils and also save Jack.

He also declared to his devil before fighting: “Die With Me.”

As secretive as he can get, the ranking of his Devils are also unknown. But, it seems, they are less powerful, and to balance that power, he has taken four of them.

Now, to answer the question whether Nacht will die?

When Nacht was introduced publicly in Chapter 246, speculations began to arise regarding his death. Most of them were saying that such overpowered character have little space in any Manga series, let alone Black Clover. And, it seems that Nacht is on a Suicide-Mission.
Some flashbacks show that he was not how he is now, and was in the Aqua-Deer. His power is also not the same as before. Something drastic must have happened that pushed him to take such decision.
Chapter 284 have showcased his condition after clashing with Lilith, Naamah and Dante. His whole body has been pierced with Ice. But, it’s a relief that all those ice didn’t pierce through any vital organ. Only his Thighs, Hands and few areas of his Chest was injured.
Hence, if this happens, then it’s less likely that Nacht will die. On the other hand, if his “Unknown Devil” is such that it only works when the user sacrifices his/her life, then the events would suddenly take a different turn.
The final conclusion would be that it’s a 50/50 about Nacht’s death. Only the upcoming chapters will reveal the truth.

But, if ever such situation appear, there is chance to save him. I’ll explain below how.

What If Nacht Dies?

The very first thing that will happen is the Wailing of Black Clover Community. And, then the characters in Black Clover will cry or enter in shock.

But, what will follow after that is ravage of the Devils and Dark Triads. Chapter 284 not only revealed Nacht’s defeat, but also the Elves’ “Ultimate Magic.”

After Noelle got defeated by Vanica, she woke up to the Elves, and planned to train herself with Ultimate Magic. Many other also joined with her. And, after so many Chapters, we have got to see how powerful is the so-called “Ultimate Magic.”

Black Clover New Opening
Asta’s Devil

Luck was in total mayhem, resembling as a Light God. Wiping out even Medium-Tier Devil within a blink of an eye.

But, as said before, the only one who can defeat the Dark-Triads is Asta, since he has the Anti-Magic. So, until Asta gains some mastery over his unification with Liebe, these three Devil with Human body won’t get defeated.

The Black Bulls will go berserk, that’s sure though. And Grey may try to heal her Vice-Captain before he leaves his body, the same thing she did with Gauche.

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