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Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 178 Spoilers, Raw Scans

Chapter 178 Predictions

Every Prediction fall flat when Rika arrives!

And that’s what will happen in Chapter 178…

After battling these two, it seems Yuta finally needs Rika with him!

I could not keep my cool after the last panel, and went straight to the community forum!

And as I guessed, everyone is waiting for the spoilers to arrive a soon as possible…

I’ll be honestly be a bit disappointed if Rika ends the battle withing few seconds or minutes!

Jujutsu Kaisen Satoru Gojo
Gojo’s Domain Expansion

I want to see her unleash the most powerful technique she has…After all her love for Okkotsu is immeasurable.

One nice thing about JJK is that unlike other manga series, the mangaka doesn’t change scenarios after revealing something exciting.

I’m also intrigued to learn about Itadori’s situation. How’s he holding up against his opponents?

It’s been quite a time we have seem him fighting.

What I think is: The trio- Yuta, Itadori and Megumi will join each other after beating as much opponents as possible.

What do you think will happen in Chapter 178?

Do let me know!!

JJK Chapter 178 Spoilers

I’m sorry for the late Spoilers update!!

  • Rika appears in her real form.
  • It seems Rika can store weapons inside her and assist Yuta with the weapons.
  • Yuta unleashes Inumaki’s cursed speech and blocks any movement to his opponent. He finally lands a hit.
  • A short battle takes place between Rika and the “head-cannon” guy. They both land hits onto each other.
  • It’s revealed that Yuta cursed technique is “Mimicry.”
  • Chapter ends with all three of them unleashing “Domain Expansion.”

JJK Chapter 178 Spoilers will release next week. Chapter 177 Spoilers just got released, hence we’ll have to wait for few days before the latest Spoilers arrive!

The best thing is that the manga isn’t on a break!!

I’ll update this page with the latest Spoilers as soon as I find something.

Stay Tuned!!

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