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My Hero Academia Chapter 316 Spoilers Leaks

The way the battle between Deku and Lady Nagant ended was surprising. I thought that Deku will defeat her and persuade her to reveal AFO’s location. But, I think this wasn’t going to be the case.

Well, it’s Deku. What can you expect. He is not only the most powerful of all the future Heroes, he also has good persuasion skills. The persuasion skill is called “love.” His loving and caring nature is what gets many people.

If Nagant doesn’t die or is rendered immobile, then she can be one of the most important asset for the Heroes to defeat AFO. Well, only the upcoming episodes will prove whether this is true?

Let’s look into My Hero Academia Chapter 316 Spoilers & Discussion.

Chapter 315 Recap

The name of Chapter 315 is “The Beautiful Words.” And, by the end of the chapter we know very clearly why the chapter is named as such.

Chapter starts with a past conversation between Nagant and Overhaul. They make a deal that after Chisaki helps her with identifying Deku, she will take him to his Boss.

The scene switches to the present day where we see Chisaki screaming at Lady Nagant since he had already done his job and now wants to go the the Boss.

The Third Quirk is revealed after this. The quirk seems to accumulate Kinetic Energy through repeated movements of a specific part of the body. In this case it was Deku’s legs. Hence, this way he was able to move at quickly. This quirk is unquestionably one of the most powerful quirk. Kinetic Energy can also be used to land a powerful blow on a powerful enemy.

Nagant does her best to deviate Deku’s attention and fires a bullet at Chisaki. She thought that Deku will hesitate to leave her, but he had already left his position to save Chisaki from the fired bullet. This impresses Nagant. Not only because he is insanely fast, even faster than a bullet, but he didn’t think twice before saving a Villain.

While Nagant is free-falling, Deku offers her to join as a Hero again. See, Nagant is not evil, she had hatred towards the people running the Hero Society back then. But, deep inside she has a deep urge of helping the needy. And, this offer from Deku shook the hatred off her.

With a genuine smile, she moves away from Deku, and while acknowledging him, cracks begin to appear on her body. Shortly after that she explodes. Deku is shocked with this.

On the same panel, we see AFO “feeling bad” for Nagant for being used for her whole life. Well, this is coming from a guy who has used countless people for his own good. Destroyed lives, killed people, and who knows what else.

Chapter ends with Hawks’ making a sudden appearance and catching the critically injured Lady Nagant.

By now, I feel bad for Nagant. She was a great Hero back in her day, but she got tainted by the higher-ups. Let’s hope that she gets served right this time.


The Spoilers are out:

  • Chapter 316 Title: “The Next.”
  • Endeavor arrives on the battlefield.
  • All Might informed Deku’s location to Endeavor and others. That’s how they reached there.
  • Endeavor asks Deku if there was other Villain other than Nagant, but their chat gets disrupted by Hawks’ scream.
  • Hawks is falling because he doesn’t have enough feather to carry Nagant. Deku holds them with his Black Whip.
  • Deku informs Hawks’ about the unplanned explosion, and how AFO might be involved in this.
  • Hawks’ introduces himself to Nagant and says that there is still hope in the Hero society, and it’s too early to give up.
  • Hawks requests Nagant to reveal everything she knows.
  • While hearing from Hawks’ that he’s her replacement, she assumes he must be from the public safety commission. She wonders why both Deku and Hawks’ has those glowing eye as that hasn’t given up.
  • Nagant reveals that AFO ordered her to bring Deku to a mansion in Haibori Woods. She warns that AFO has many other stronger Villains by his side.
  • Nagant is curious to know as how did Hawks’ not lose hope and what made him like this? We then see a flashback of a kid Hawks’ holding Endeavor soft toy.
  • Endeavor holds Chisaki, who’s still screaming about his Boss. Deku asks him if he remembers Eri. Chisaki then starts to repeat her name and says that she has got everything to wake up his Boss.
  • Deku asks Chisaki to have the feeling of apology for Eri. The same way he wants to apologize to his Boss.
  • All Might arrives and immediately reports on Deku’s status. Endeavor talks to All Might and asks for Police & Ambulance.
  • Scene changes to the Mansion where AFO is. Hawks’, Best Jeanist, Endeavor, Mt. Lady, Kamui Woods, and Edgeshot were seen following Deku.
  • A narration explains that AFO and Shigaraki have still not able to take OFA. When they entered the mansion, a hologram of AFO appears and he welcomed them.
  • AFO explains that the loves to predict people’s moves.
  • Towards the end of the chapter, we see the beginning of a monologue.
  • AFO says to himself how society outcasts people with quirks that don’t match standards.
  • He says that the path Deku has chosen has lot of obstacles, and he’ll need to fight endless battles.
  • AFO then says that he is no longer interested in All Might and Deku is next.
  • Chapter ends with the Mansion exploding.

My Hero Academia Chapter 316 will officially release on June 13th. The spoilers usually come out 2-3 days before. Hence, we will still have to wait for few more days before the spoilers start coming out.

Most of use are waiting for the two more important spoilers. First is about Lady Nagant’s status. Second is whether there will be any break after this Chapter.

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