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One Piece Chapter 1016 Spoiler Leaks

Luffy made a miscalculation about Kaido’s strength. Kaido is probably the most strongest opponent he has ever faced. Not only that, Big Mom is too raining hell on the ‘Worst Generation.’

The latest chapter has revealed that Luffy be very close to unleashing something new. Or maybe he will get some external help?

Zoro on the other hand is completely covered with bandages proving the heavy damage he has got. If this wasn’t funny enough, Sanji is the one who, now, has the responsibility to handle the injured Zoro.

Chapter 1016 Spoilers will reveal the first moment Yamato meets Kaido. Chapter 1015 already ended with an intense conversation between the two. Let’s hope she saves Momonosuke and Kin’emon.

Chapter 1015 Recap

Luffy is the central pillar behind this enthusiasm between the Samurai and the Pirates. Usually the Samurai hate Pirates, especially after Kaido’s arrival. But, it was Luffy who sort of changed this and indirectly persuaded the Samurai to work with the Pirates.

He also trained under Hyogoro, who was one of the strongest in Wano, and still quite strong despite age.

The announcement of his defeat has literally broken the spinal cord of many Samurai already. Chopper has stopped attacking Queen and is crying his hearts out.

But, Chopper’s luck was with him, as Queen got a good kick from Sanji. Let’s not talk about the situation between Zoro and Sanji. He is using Zoro as a giant stick. LOL!! Is this wasn’t enough, he dropped him to Chopper.

And, I just hope that Kin’emon isn’t dead. He just cannot die before seeing Momonosuke becoming the Emperor.

Chapter ends with a chilling revelation. Yamato has finally reached near Kaido. And, the conversation is already getting hot. I wonder whether Kaido will attack his own daughter only because she isn’t supporting him.

Well, only Chapter 1016 will reveal all these. So, let’s wait impatiently.


The Spoilers are out, and we see some great developments:

  • Chapter 1016 title: “It’s Otama.”
  • Chapter starts with “Flower Capital.” Tengu is walking with Toko in the “Fire Festival.” Tengu explains how the Fire Festival is held for the dea. Toko then asks whether her father is watching too? Tengu replies that, Yes! He is watching over the future of Wano.
  • Next panel, we see CP0. They are analyzing the battle. The number before was 24,000 in Kaido’s side vs. 3000 in Samurai’s side. But the Pleasures and Waiters at the “Main Hall” switched sides. The number are now 20,000 in Kaido’s side vs. 7000 in Samurai’s side.
  • CP0 receives information that Momonosuke has fallen off the island. If this is made public, everything will again fall in Kaido’s favor.
  • Bao Huang is preparing to make another announcement in Onigashima.
  • Next, we move on to Nami’s group. When the Clima-tact starts talking, Usopp says maybe he’s a genius and designed it by accident.
  • Zeus explains that when he and the tip of Clima-tact were bitten by Hera, his soul was pushed into the Clima-tact. So, now he’s reborn in the weapon and the Clima-tact can talk and change shape.
  • While Bao Huang is about to announce, Usopp is knocked down by Ulti. She has been following them. Then Ulti catches Tama.
  • Nami again attacks Ulti. But, this time the Clima-tact changes shape as a spiked ball and hits Ulti’s head. Zeus explains that Ulti’s skin may be tough but her inside is in bad shape. One more of those Big Mom’s Thunder and she should be done for.
  • Nami cannot attack Ulti because Tama is in her hand. Suddenly, Usopp shoots Green Star at Ulti and strangles her, making her let go off Tama.
  • Nami makes Zeus in cloud form again, but he says he isn’t Zeus anymore so Nami should change his name.
  • Nami decides to name him “Wata”, which mean Cotton. But, Zeus ignores it and keeps his name as Zeus.
  • Nami uses Thunder to attack her but Ulti manages to dodge it. Zeus controls the lightning and it hits on Ulti’s face. Ulti falls to the ground.
  • Bao Huang is shocked and scream how Ulti and Page One are both defeated. But, she forgot that her announcement mode is still ON, and everyone hears this in the island.
  • Usopp realizes Bao Huang ability and he uses”Green Star” to strangle her. Then he requests Tama to announce the entire island.
  • Then Tama says: “Thi… This is Tama.”
  • Scene switches to Kaido and Yamato. Kaido flies to the top of the dome. He mocks Yamato saying that both Luffy and Momonosuke are dead and Yamato can’t protect them.
  • Yamato declares that she is going out to the sea with Luffy!
  • Then she says that before that happens, we all will kick you out of Wano first.
  • Kaido says that there is no chance of winning against him. He proposes Yamato to become the Shogun of Wano.
  • She accepts the fact that she cannot defeat Kaido, but she will hold him until Luffy returns.
  • Chapter ends with Kaido attacking Yamato. As their Kanabo clash, Black Thunder start exploding from the impact.

Chapter 1016 will officially release on June 13th. Hence, we still have some days before the spoilers start coming.

One Piece’s spoilers comes out pretty early. But, since the manga is not on a break, it may take some extra time. As soon as Spoilers start coming out, this section of the page will be updated. So, Hang On!!

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