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Is Yuta Okkotsu Stronger Than Satoru Gojo?

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1 has ended and now, we move on to the upcoming movie. Many fans won’t have the patience and will surely resort to reading the manga anyways. But, what we are eagerly waiting for in a Season 1 announcement.

In Season 1, we got to hear a name “Yuta Okkotsu” popping up here and there. Remarkably, Todo was always focused on him. What makes Okkotsu a character worthy of such praise and attention?

And, it’s not only Todo who is interested but, also Gojo. In one of his conversation with the Principal of Kyoto High, he accepted that the upcoming generation have a high chance to surpass him. Among them include Itadori, Todo, Hakari and Yuta Okkotsu.

In this post we are going to discuss about the balance of power between Yuta and Gojo sensei. Of course, when a new character appears, we always want to learn whether he/she will surpass the present strongest one. And, in this case, no other Sorcerer is stronger than Satoru Gojo.


Physical Strength

Satoru Gojo’s physical strength is not a secret and was revealed when he fought Jogo. Gojo’s physical strength is at par with most sorcerers because of his “Infinite Technique.” No only he has enormous physical strength, his infinite technique makes his body literally untouchable. Which gives him an unfair advantage over his enemies.

You can say the only time when Gojo sensei is vulnerable to physical attacks is when he is weak or when he has dropped the barrier surrounding him. The reason behind this can be may, but, the sole reason is weakness.

On the other hand, we have Yuta, who, even though is not as physically rigid, does have considerable strength. Where Yuta excels is not physical power but Cursed Energy Manipulation.

In addition to that, Okkotsu is a swordsman, and, as most swordsperson are, he is strong, but, when he is compared to Gojo, the difference is too huge.

Curse Energy

Though, Gojo can trample Okkotsu in Physical prowess, they have a though competition when the comparison is between Curse Energy. As I said before, Gojo’s Curse Energy is theoretically limitless and that makes him nearly invincible, but, Yuta’s Curse Energy has a different dimension of power.

On top of how much energy he possess, Yuta is also possessed by a Cursed Spirit who happens to be his childhood friend, Rika.

Rika, as a Cursed Spirit is so powerful that Geto called her “Queen of Curses.” Another thing to keep in mind is that Okkotsu is far younger than Gojo and also less experienced.

Okkotsu’s Ominous Presence: Fandom

In a manga panel, one sorcerer felt an extremely strong presence of something that was more ominous and intimidating than Gojo, afterwards it is discovered that it was Yuta Okkotsu.

If he contains such intense aura while only a student, it’s evident that in future when he reaches Gojo’s age, his mere presence will be powerful enough to scare most Curses away.

Domain Expansion

Undeniably, Satoru Gojo possess one of the most deadly Domain Expansion, only standing behind Sukuna’s Malevolent Shrine. Only few people in Jujtusu Kaisen are capable of using this master technique, and that too they can only use it when they have complete mastery over their own Cursed Technique.

That means sorcerers like Nanami, Maki, can never have their own Domain Expansion. To simply say, the people who can manipulate cursed energy and eventually gain mastery over it can use Domain Expansion. That’s why Gojo said that it’s the “Pinnacle of Jujutsu World.”

Jujutsu Kaisen Gojo
Satoru Gojo’s Domain Expansion: Fandom

Yuta on the other hand uses a sword. Yes, he has enormous amount of Curse Energy, but, a sword is his primary weapon. Hence, as of now, we haven’t seen Yuta unleashing Domain Expansion.

Maybe in the future chapters we will see him unleash something more ominous and powerful.

Strengths & Weaknesses

It doesn’t matter whether he/she is an average sorcerer or an elite one, everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. In this case too, both of these elite sorcerers have strengths and weaknesses.

Satoru GojoSix-Eyes, Infinite Technique, Domain Expansion, Almost Limitless Cursed Energy, Physical Prowess.Lacks when it comes to hardcore Physical Attacks. Vulnerable without the invisible shield.
Yuta OkkotsuUnparalleled Cursed Energy, Master Swordsman(Maki trained him).Friends( Okkotsu is weak when it comes to his buddies. He promised to kill Itadori when he learned about what he did to Inumaki and others).

Funfact About Okkotsu & Gojo

After all these serious comparison, here is a fun-fact about Okkotsu and Gojo.

If you don’t know, Okkotsu is a distant relative of Satoru Gojo. Though, this is irrelevant, we can now understand the massive energy source that Yuta carries with him.

Will Gojo’s Prophecy Come True?

The title may look intriguing, but, even you know this prophecy if you have watched the anime or read the manga.

Gojo’s prophecy was that the present generation will one day surpass him not only in terms of strength, but in techniques too.

And, in recent chapters, we have clearly seen this happening. The fact that one sorcerer sensed Yuta’s presence as more strong than Gojo’s is more than enough to verify this.

Also, Itadori and Nobara are only first years and they are already using Black Flash. We should also not forget about Megumi, who can already unleash Domain Expansion.

Overall, we can say that Okkotsu is close to Gojo in terms of power and technique and in the future may even surpass him in overall strength. What do you think? Can Okkotsu surpass Gojo sensei?

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