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Black Clover Chapter 323 Spoilers, Raw Scans

Okay, it’s time for some juicy Black Clover Chapter 323 Spoilers, Raw Scans.

Guys, I know what y’all thinking. (Takes a deep breath) YAMI IS HERE!!!

BC community exploded when the last panel appeared…and why won’t it!! The Chad is here.

With this, let’s look into Black Clover Chapter 323 Spoilers, Raw Scans (if available).

Black Clover Chapter 323 Predictions

While I was away, unable to read any spoilers (even the official releases), I had a strong feeling that it’s probably time for an unexpected character to appear.

Who knew it’s Yami…

But, did you notice one thing? The Sword?

It doesn’t look like your average steel-sword. It has tree roots on it?

I’m just guessing, but it’s most probably William. Else who could make such sword?

Seems like Tabata really likes his characters, whenever something really bad happens, there’s always someone to help them!

I also won’t be surprised if Yami and Asta fight together again, and this time they really finish the real culprit.

Vanica is gone, but, I don’t feel right about the other Devil. He hasn’t made any move, but, he must have some insane powers isn’t it?

Black Clover New Opening

Talking about predictions, now that Yami, Asta and Nacht will battle against Lucifero, the other Captains will face the other Devil.

Honestly I don’t know about Yuno, he can take either side. He might also go ahead and rescue William while the Devils are busy.

Oh, I forget Noelle and the pack. They haven’t arrived yet if I can recall correctly.

With Lucifero’s appearance, the War is heading to its final phase. Whatever happens, I hope no one dies, especially Yami.

Unfortunately, I don’t feel quite right about Williams and Nacht. Yami saved him once, who knows what’s going to happen the next time?

Well, that’s all the predictions I have…

I would like to hear your thoughts on this…

What do you think is going to happen with Yami or Williams?

That’s all for now!!


Okay, guys, the spoilers are out:

  • Chapter 323 title: “Partner.”
  • Chapter begins with the moment Yami was healed.
  • Grey and Vanessa are near Yami.
  • Grey says that Yami’s body are in ruins but full of magic.
  • It seems Patri has lost his Grimoire.
  • An extremely weak William hand overs “Blade of Misteltein” to Yami. He says that he has put all his magic into the Blade.
  • Back to the present time.
  • Secre and Zora are here.
  • Zora stops Lucifero’s attack on Asta.
  • A short conversation happens in between Yami and Nacht.
  • He says that he’s reminded of his old self when he looks at Yami.
  • Nacht remembers the past with his brother.
  • Chapter ends with Yami and Nacht getting ready to fight together…

Black Clover Spoilers are always WAY ahead of the official release (good for us manga readers). I know most of you guys are eager to know about Yami (me too).

I’m on constant lookout for any new update, and will surely post as soon as anything is available.

Stay Tuned!!

Raw Scans

The Raw Scans are already translated. Good for us readers!!


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