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Does Power Die In Chainsaw Man? Will She Return?

How can you starting writing about someone you cannot explain about? Should I call her goofy? irritating? naggy? selfish? childish? helpful? The best answer to this would be everything you can think off.

She’s a multi-dimensional, multi-talented mess. LOL!!

We are today talking about Power, the self-proclaimed queen of the chainsaw man series. Her first introduction will force you to think ill of her, but as you breeze through the chapters, you’ll feel that the chapters are bland when she isn’t present.

Power’s entry into the series was a random incident that ended-up quickly changing the lives of many people. And, of course the most affect by it was Denji.

A short introduction of who is Power and why she is an important character:
Power is a Blood Devil who can manipulate Blood and use it for her own benefits. The impact ranges from easy tasks like making a hammer from her blood to the extremes of coming back to life after death.

The abilities seems pretty much broken, but, she doesn’t care, hence, she only used her ability to the most extreme only once.


Power’s Abilities

Power may have a goofy and child-like personality, but, at the end of the day she is a devil capable of unleashing power when needed.

Here are some of the techniques she has and uses while countering enemies.

Heightened Physical Abilities:

While attacking or defending against other devils or devil hunters, Power seems to show enhanced speed reflexes. She can easily get out of sight within seconds if she senses any danger.

Other than high speed, she also has keen sense of smell. Being a Blood Devil, Power can recognize scent of blood from a long distance. This technique helps her in finding any enemy she wants. In one of the arcs, she helps Denji find an enemy with this technique.

There are other minute and hidden side-techniques that she plugs in when needed while fighting an enemy or hunting.

Other Devilish Capabilities:

A Devil is pretty much a human if they only have heightened physical abilities and no super-natural ability. In Power’s case too she has a lot of super-natural techniques.

I guess you know pretty much where this is going?
Power can manipulate blood freely in her body, and in other’s body as well. While she manipulates her blood to create weapons, when it comes to manipulation in other individual’s body, she can either heal them or create havoc.

 Power's Horn Chainsaw Man
Power’s Extra Horn

For example: She can heal someone by preventing blood to flow out. On the other hand, she can stop her enemy to regenerate by mixing her blood and controlling it.

Another interesting effect that is rarely seen is when she consumes huge amounts of blood. Extra horns pop-out of her head, and she starts looking more like a Devil than usual.

Power can also heal herself from any injuries by consuming blood. This unique ability also gives her the gift to return from death. But, this only works when she consumes a devil who is stronger than her.

This seems a simple technique, but, by the end of the series, this same technique changes the whole storyline, and it’s really fascinating.

Strength’s & Weakness

Being a Blood Devil, Power has her own strengths and weaknesses. But, Power is a special case and her physical ability is less of a hindrance than her mental ability.


Blood Manipulation. As a human, blood is the most important factor after breath. If you can control blood you can control almost anything with you body, Everything means everything.

Why you think a Dracula is always thirsty for blood?

Physically, Power is very capable. She has a flexible body and can run faster than many other Devils. In hand-to-hand combat, she can even fight Denji and. Her blood manipulation gives her the ability to make any weapon with her blood.

She has strong confidence. She is the only one who was able to resist Makima’s orders.


Power’s weakness is her own personality. And, it’s pretty common for a devil to be as such. But, if that was the case, then why isn’t other devil so impulsive as her.

She is not good at taking mission that requires important decisions. Her extremely outgoing nature only lets her participate in overt missions where she only has to attack and use her powers freely.

These are the only weakness the Blood Devil has.


  • Power is a Blood Devil, hence she can manipulate blood easily and can also makes weapons out of it.
  • Good Physical strength. Being a Devil, Power has considerable Physical attack capacity.
  • Her personality is her weakness. She cannot follow orders that often leads to failed missions.
  • Power sees Denji as her best buddy, and doesn’t have any romantic feelings for him.
  • Power was killed by Makima in front of Denji.
  • Power has died, but she will take rebirth in Hell and then return to Earth.

Does Power Like Denji?

This is the burning question when we see how close Power and Denji are. Power meeting Denji was purely a random event and a turn of fate.

Power had a cat and a Bat Devil once kidnapped it. What the Bat Devil wanted in return for the cat’s freedom was a human he could feast on to regenerate his health. Hence, Power chose Denji as a sacrifice to get her cat back.

This is how they met. But, after what happened, Power eventually became very close to Denji and declared him her very first friend she ever had. The way they lived in very close to how a couple with active relationship lives, but, Power is a Devil and Devils don’t have these feelings.

Denji & Power
Denji & Power: Fandom

The image you see above is not a romantic scene. Power was traumatized after an event and Denji helped her with everything. From bathing, eating, to sleeping.
Later, Denji also revealed within himself that it’s surprising that he doesn’t develop any erotic feeling about this.

It would be inaccurate to say that Power liked Denji, but, yes she found Denji as the most reliable person and for whom she can put her life on the line.

So, the simple answer to the question whether Power liked Denji is Yes! But, if you ask me whether she liked him romantically, it’s a straight No!

Does Power Die?

This is going to be the most pathetic part. A character so loved, does she die? Unfortunately Yes, she does die.

And, what’s pathetic is the way this happens.

It was Denji’s birthday when this happened. Denji was spending his time with Makima and she reveals that she had called Power in her apartment. Until this revelation everything was fine. And, after sometime Power knocked the door.

Chainsaw Man Power_
Power: Fandom

As she was standing outside, Makima ordered Denji to open the door so that she can kill Power. This startled Denji, but he opened the door anyway. And there she was, standing with a cake for Denji.

Soon after Denji opened the door, Makima killed Power with her devil technique. It took only one shot to disintegrate Power’s body into pieces.

You might ask, “She can revive if she consumes blood of a stronger devil.” Yes, but, Makima didn’t allow this to happen.

And, that’s how we lost Power in the most pathetic way possible.
Disappointed? Don’t be, here is an another revelation.

Since Power is the Blood Devil, she can make pact with someone who drinks her blood. Before all these incident happened, Power convinced Denji to drink her blood and make a pact. Denji drank and the pact happened.

Makima Kills Power Chainsaw Man
Makima Kills Power

Later in the manga, Power resurrects for a brief amount of time.

I won’t say when, since the depth of this Spoiler too much, it’s an abyss actually. So, be less disappointed. Power has a lot bigger role to play in this series than you think…

Chainsaw Man is a short series, but the impact it has created among fans is immeasurable. Pain & Pain All The Way To The End…

Will Power Return?

The boon and bane of being a devil is that their existence is permanent. They may die being in human form, but they are reincarnated again as a Devil in Hell. And, they are eventually born as a human again.

Then where’s the grief of losing them? Think of a situation – you are Denji and the Devil you loved so much died suddenly. Yes, they will reincarnate again, but, when they do, they won’t remember anything from their past lives. They won’t even recognize you as the person they loved so much?

Power's Promise to Denji Chainsaw Man
Power’s Promise To Denji

How would you feel then? Better or worse? That’s how things are with Power, Yes, she will return again, but, each and every memory of her will be wiped out. Denji would have to try harder to build a relationship like before.

But, it’s better to have the person back again than to permanently lose them. Even, though their memories are lost.

So, the straight answer to Power’s return is Yes, she will definitely return, but, she won’t recall anything.

When Will Chainsaw Man Anime Come Out?

There is no exact date as to when will Chainsaw Man anime come out. But, it’s official that Anime is in production, and will most probably release by October or the end of 2021 .

The animation studio MAPPA(Jujutsu Kaisen) announced on December 20, 2020 that the series will be receiving an anime. The Chainsaw Man also had a stage presentation at the Jump Festa ’21.

Talking about the trailer, MAPPA announced that they will show the first trailer of the anime at “MAPPA Stage 2021 – 10th Anniversary” event. The event is scheduled to be held on June 27, 2021.

After MAPPA’s star performance in Jujutsu Kaisen, they are back again, with an action-intensive series. I wonder how menacing will the trailer and animation be. I literally can’t wait.

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NOTE: All Images are taken from Fandom.com.

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