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Does Power Die In Chainsaw Man? Will She Return?

Does Power die in Chainsaw Man? She is the star of the manga and there’s hardly anyone who doesn’t like her goofy personality.

But the series is not just about being goofy and messing things up. The story becomes too dark too quick.

Hence, in this post, I’ll reveal whether Power dies forever in Chainsaw Man and will she ever come back?

Let’s GOOO…..



  • Power is the Blood Devil, hence she can manipulate blood easily and can also makes weapons out of it.
  • Good Physical strength. Being a Devil, Power has considerable Physical attack capacity.
  • Child-like personality is her weakness. She cannot follow orders, and that often leads to failed missions.
  • She sees Denji as her best buddy, and doesn’t have any romantic feelings for him.
  • Makima Killed Power in front of Denji.
  • Power has died, but she will take rebirth in Hell and then return to Earth.

Does Power Like Denji?

No, Power & Denji have no romantic relationship. They are just very close buddies. Denji too have never shown any romantic relationship with her.

Though most of the time they quarrel, they have one of the deepest bonds in the series.

Denji & Power
Denji & Power: Fandom

The image you see above is not a romantic scene. Power was traumatized after an event and Denji helped her with everything. From bathing, eating, to sleeping.

Later, Denji also accepted that it’s surprising to not develop any erotic feeling about her.

So, the simple answer to the question whether she liked Denji is Yes! But, if you ask me whether she liked him romantically, it’s a straight No!

Does Power Die?

Yes, Power dies in Chainsaw Man. Makima killed her.

And the way she died was heart-wrenching!

Denji, the birthday boy, was spending time with Makima in her apartment when Power knocked the door with a birthday cake.

Chainsaw Man Power_
Power: Fandom

As soon as Denji opened the door, Makima killed Power with her invisible bullet. It took only one shot to disintegrate her body into pieces.

Makima Kills Power Chainsaw Man
Makima Kills Power

You might ask, “She can revive if she consumes blood of a stronger devil.” Yes, but, Makima didn’t allow this to happen.

Since Power is the Blood Devil, she can make pact with someone who drinks her blood. Before all these incident happened, she convinced Denji to drink her blood and make a pact.

Later in the manga, she resurrects for a brief moment.

Is Power Dead Forever?

The shortest answer is Yes & No! Power is the Blood Devil. And when a Devil die they take birth in Hell. And again they come back in the Human realm… Like this the cycle continues.

Hence, now that Makima has killed Power, she will be born in Hell, and again return back to the Human realm after a point of time.

Power's Promise to Denji Chainsaw Man
Power’s Promise To Denji

Now, the question is whether she can recognize Denji because after a Devil is born in Hell, all their memories get erased.

So you can say that being a Devil is a boon and bane at the same time…

When Will Chainsaw Man Anime Come Out?

Chainsaw Man anime is already announced. Unfortunately it’s more than a year and there’s no exact date.

If we got by all the media speculations, there’s a high chance the anime will come out either by the end of 2022 or early 2023.

MAPPA is animating the anime, so the animation sure is going to be mouth-watering.


Did Power Die In Chainsaw Man? Who Killed Her?

Yes, Power is dead in Chainsaw Man. Makima killed her.

Is Power Dead Forever?

No, Power is not dead forever. She will first take birth in Hell and then return back again in the Human realm. But, all her memories of the past life will get erased.

Does Power Like Denji? Will They End-Up Together?

No, Power doesn’t like Denji. Nor Denji likes Power. They are just close friends.

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NOTE: All Images are taken from Fandom.com.

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