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Jujutsu Kaisen 132 Spoilers, Raw Scans Leaked!

Jujutsu Kaisen is going through the most intense arc of the series. The War between Sorcerers and Curses is raging and the Sorcerers are lagging behind. The worst that can happen to Humanity has been done. Satoru Gojo has been sealed and Nanami is dead. On the other hand Nobara is severly injured. With this, let’s look into Jujutsu Kaisen 132 Spoilers.


  • Mahito predicts that Itadori will use Black Flash and concentrates his defence on the point of contact to hit Itadori in the neck after.
  • But, Itadori actually uses divergent fist and the second hit confuses Mahito. Before Itadori used to use Divengent Fist unconsciously, but during this arc, he has mastered it.
  • Todo is shown in the next panel confirming that his Curse Technique is dead, now that his hand is amputed.
  • After seeing Todo clap his hands, Mahito thinks that they will switch places, but, the technique does not work.
  • Then Itadori hits the confused Mahito with a Black Flash and then Mahito’s transformation goes undone.
  • Mahito’s transfigured human stock is dry and hence, he understands that now, he can’t win.
  • Itadori says Mahito that they both are same. He doesn’t need a reason to kill him anymore. He’ll do it anyway. Mahito, scared, runs away from Itadori and here visually Itadori is referred to as a Wolf and Mahito a Rabbit.
  • Geto then appears and says to Mahito “Should I Save You, Mahito?”
  • In the end Panel it says: “Mahito is lost, and became a Prey. The One who extends a hand to him is….”

Mahito’s End is Near?

In the previous Chapters, the manga revealed that we are at the end of the arc. And, that seems to be the actual reality. Todo was the last one other than Itadori to be standing Sorcerer. Now that Todo has lost his arm, only Itadori is the one to fight against Mahito.

In Spoilers of Chapter 132, we see how intelligently Itadori counters Mahito’s attack and uses his hidden technique. A confused Mahito tries to escape from Itadori after he is out of all his technique and he meets Geto while escaping.

The way Geto sponsors to help Mahito is a bad news for him. Usually when a bad guy tries to help in such manner, there is only one thing that waits for the one who takes the help, it’s getting killed mercilessly.

Now, the other thing is that even though Itadori used his “Divergent Fist”, it was Todo who confused Mahito into switching places. So, Todo, even though is sad after losing his hand and his cursed technique, is trying until the end to help Itadori.

Will Todo Lose his Technique?

It’s really sad to see Todo in such spot. Not able to use his only Curse Technique really sucks. But, his Cursed Technique is only a cherry on the top. Todo’s actual power is his physical prowess.

While his first introduction, we saw how easily he was able to defeat Megumi even without using his Cursed Technique. Not only this, even Satoru Gojo has said that Todo and some others have the capability to surpass him in future.

Can Shouko heal Todo’s Arm?

Shouko is the medic of the Sorcerers. She is known for her genius of healing even the worst wounds. So, the question is, can she not heal Todo’s arm too?

Since, Todo’s technique is clapping with both hands and then switching places, only joining some artificial hands would probably restore everything. But, this is Jujutsu Kaisen we are talking about. Anything can happen.

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