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My Hero Academia 293 Spoilers, Raws Scans.

My Hero Academia is showcasing it’s one of the most intense arcs yet. A lot of things have happened in a very short time. Best Jeanist have arrived and Dabi is Endeavor’s “dead” son. With how the manga is going, many other reveals are about to happen. With this, let’s see what we have in My Hero Academia Chapter 293.


  • Name of the Chapter is Hero Saturated Society
  • The Chapter Starts with Mirio’s flashback. He got the information from bubble girl that there will be national scale villain sweeping operation.
  • He wanted to participate so he asked came to Eri.
  • All this time Eri was practicing with insects or lizards. Mirio bowed his head and apologize to Eri because he wants to use her power.
  • Eri grabbed his face with a smile saying that Mirio doesn’t have to apologize, and she’s been practicing for this.
  • Back to the War Zone, Mirio was having inner dialogue saying that he’s not someone that could finish Nomu in one punch. So, in the next scene he screamed for help.
  • That time there’s little light in the sky which was Bakugo.
  • He was attacking the Nomus with Explosion to back up Mirio and Best Jeanist. Iida is mad saying that Bakugo should stop moving or he’ll die, but he doesn’t stop.
  • Nejire was seen to be fine.
  • Best Jeanist asked him “have you seen the World, Bakugo?”
  • Bakugo grins at Best Jeanist and reveals that Bakugo is only temporary name, and his Hero Name is “DYNAMIGHT.”
  • Best Jeanist, Iida, Nejire, Compress and Spinner each were shown to give individual reaction and it seems that they think the name is either odd or outright disgusting.
  • Only Mirio seems to be liking the name because there’s humor to it.
  • Machia was shown to still be tied by Jeanist, and the scene moved to shouto in attempt to kill him.
  • Dabi said that it looks like Mirio and others are having fun while Shouto is right here suffering.
  • Shouto answered with “But You’re also Burning?” Dabi was saying that Shouto is so kind for worrying, but he doesn’t need to worry because he was Happy seeing Endeavor’s face in horror.
  • Deku was shown to shift his focus to Shouto because Jeanist have enough support. He used Black Whip out of his mouth and tried to save Shouto.
  • Dabi warns him to not interfere in people’s family matter, but Deku said he’d interfere because Shouto is his precious friend, and Endeavour is a Mentor that made him strong.
  • Dabi Continues with another monologue. At the same time we see Machia breaking free from Best Jeanist. When everyone was starting to panic suddenly Machia fell down. Most likely because Yaomomo’s tranquilizer worked.

Will Endeavor Break Down?

Since the time Dabi revealed that he is the dead son of Endeavor, the War situation has changes significantly. By looking at Endeavor, we can say just by his face that he is regretting his past decision. Endeavor’s face is total blank an in shock as to how the son who died years ago was alive and that too his opponent.

Shouto is beside Endeavor probably because he knows that if he leaves him alone, Dabi will easily kill him. Not only that, Endeavor is already significantly weak after he gave his all while fighting Shigaraki. He himself accepted that half of his lungs is already burnt.

What do you think? Will Endeavor die after receiving this shock? Or will he retire from being a Hero and let the next generation take the lead?

Bakugo’s Hero Name Revealed!

Okay! so this is the next biggest revelation after Dabi. Since years we have been waiting for Bakugo’s Hero Name. What we got from the beginning was “King Explosion Murder”, and finally he himself revealed a name that is quite acceptable. It’s DYNAMIGHT. You get the name? “Dyna” + “Might”. We can say that this is far better than what he usually come up with.

The My Hero Academia community is already rejoicing his Hero Name revelation.

Gigantomachia Down

In one of my Spoilers post, I tried to predict that it will be Best Jeanist who will successfully tie down Gigantomachia, and it turns out I was right. Gigantomachia is tied down pretty hard and that shows how powerful Best Jeanist actually is.

In the last panel we see Gigantomachia going to sleep. It’s probably Momo’s “Sleeping Drink” at work. Now, that almost all the revelation is done, what’s next? The War is probably coming to an end. But, I think we still have pretty long way to go.

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