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Jujutsu Kaisen 140 Spoilers, Raw Scans Leaked

Okkotsu is here and the JJK community is cheering with joy. But, the community is also talking about the time of his appearance. The Okkotsu we saw in the prequel has grown up to become a dependable man. Chapter 137 demonstrated the large-scale destruction done by Sukuna’s Domain Expansion. A portion of Japan has been wiped out, which is insane considering that one person have done this. Questions are already arising whether Okkotsu will really kill Itadori this time or Itadori is lucky enough to get another life. Things will be more clear with JJK 139 Spoilers, Raw Scans and Discussions.

Chapter Discussion

Itadori Vs Okkotsu

The battle between these two tanks have finally begun. Okkotsu have returned from overseas, and he has probably been brainwashed about Itadori. But, the very reason why Okkotsu is angry at Itadori is because the Sukuna residing inside him have not only caused countless lives, but also critically harmed his friends.

In one of the previous Chapters, we saw how Inumaki had lost his arm, and Maki and others’ status are unknown. On top of it, Okkotsu’s teacher, Gojo is sealed and his life is hanging between life and death.

The situation between Itadori and Okkotsu is extremely tensed, and the upcoming Chapters will only prove what will happen? Whether Sukuna will take over Itadori, or Okkotsu will join Itadori in defeating Geto is really a question now.


The Spoilers have been leaked and most of the Chapter covers the battle between Itadori and Okkotsu.

  • Chapter start with Itadori and Choso getting surprised at Okkotsu’s power.
  • Choso tries to use his “Piercing Blood” technique, but Noaya and Okkotsu stops him from unleashing it.
  • Choso faces Noaya and Okkotsu chases Itadori.
  • Next few panels, we see Choso and Noaya getting ready for a bitter battle.
  • Okkotsu is hell-bent on killing Itadori and tries to land his Sword on him. But, Itadori dodges it.
  • Chapter ends with Itadori trying to land a hit on Okkotsu, but failing to do it.

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