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Fire Force 246 Spoilers, Raw Scans Leaked!

The Great Cataclysm begun, Arthur, the “Knight” has his dream come true of fighting a “Dragon.” Now, we know clearly for whom he was waiting. You can say, the Knight was waiting for the Dragon to arrive. After the battle begins between Arthur and Dragon, the manga switches to a different perspective. With this, Let’s find out in Fire Force 246 Spoilers.


  • The name of the Chapter is “250 Years of Obsession.”
  • With Vulcan’s group inside Amaterasu, they’re hoping to find its keyhole.
  • According to Vulcan after looking at research about the Tabernacle and the map he got from Joker, it must be in the center.
  • They find a large gate and manage to open it with an external Battery.
  • But, their party is popped when Dr. Giovanni appears suddenly behind them. Lisa pushes Giovanni back and Yu is fightened.
  • Vulcan asks whether Yu is fine, to which he confirms with a positive attitude.
  • Giovanni thanks Vulcan for the Key and Vulcan claims that he stole it from his ancestor’s.
  • Vulcan asks Giovanni whether they will find Pi inside and he confirms it.
  • Giovanni reveals that Pi is the destruction spell that the Evangelist prepared since ancient times.
  • He adds they managed to solve Pi. – Vulcan says it’s impossible but Giovanni claims that it was true before the Great Cataclysm.
  • Giovanni says that the world has changes, the physics law was altered as well. Since, it’s solved, mankind has reached the end of the evolution according to a theory that destruction is the end of the evolution.
  • The desire of death that they imagined is the image of the Great Cataclysm.
  • Vulcan replies that this is just a cult.
  • Giovanni reminds him that religions and cults are the same and the Evangelist is the one who brought their extermination in mankind’s mind.
  • Such as the worship of the sun and its image of destruction so they can go back to flames and to the sun.
  • Vulcan doesn’t understand what Giovanni means by sun and death.
  • Giovanni finally reveals that the sun was created during the Great Cataclysm.
  • The name of the Next Chapter is “250 Years of Obsession” to be continued…

Vulcan’s Team Face a New Trouble

In the previous Chapter, we saw Arthur clashing with his “favorite” enemy, the Dragon, and a bitter battle ensued. The Chapter 246 we see what’s happening with Vulcan’s team. Vulcan, Lisa and Yu have reached their destination and also opened the mysterious gate.

But, probably they were tailed by one of the most terrifying characters in the series, Dr. Giovanni. Now, that Dr. Giovanni has revealed himself, Vulcan and his team faces a severe threat, specially Lisa.

Vulcan’s relation with Dr. Giovanni has always been frictional since Giovanni stole Vulcan’s ancestor’s technology secrets. And, here too their clash stands on the same ground.

The question is will Dr. Giovanni take Lisa away again with him?

Is Dr. Giovanni Vulcan’s Relative?

One thing that comes in my mind while thinking about Dr. Giovanni and Vulcan’s relation is that, Giovanni was Vulcan’s father’s friend. And, suddenly he stole technologies and ran away. So, the question is, is there a chance that Giovanni is a distant relative of Vulcan whose entire mission was to gain trust of Vulcan’s ancestors and then steal their secrets?

Or simply he was in the White-Clad from the beginning and secretly working as a spy. Well! these are only assumptions and the reality will be revealed later in the series.

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