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Hige wo Soru Episode 6 Release Date & Discussion

I’m not even trying to pronounce the name of this anime, and shorten it to “Hige wo Soru.” Though we all are asking the same question, “What’s with the peculiar name?” But, after watching 5 episodes, the storyline of this anime is pretty good.

When episode 1 aired, most of us weeb though that this thing will quickly “ecchi’ed,” only to surprise us with not only a serious plot, but also a character who is not into just any woman.

After watching so many anime, I can safely say that waiting 1 week is worth it, and the unfolding of Sayu’s secret and her horrible past experiences have really struck us with a sense of justice and sympathy.

Episode 5 Recap

When Gotou offered to visit Yoshida’s home, all of us foresighted a cliche’d event. We thought that something like, “Gotou will ask Sayu to either leave or deliberately destroy her relationship to keep herself safe,” will happen.

Only to surprise us. In anime, it’s pretty hard to find a beautiful woman with good behavior, and Gotou is the best example of it. It’s safe to say that the role Gotou played in just one episode Yoshida couldn’t have played even in 20, or more than that. In a private chat with Sayu, she convinces her that the path she has chosen in not only bad of her, it’s also bad for Yoshida.

Most of the episode covered the private conversation between Sayu and Gotou, while Yoshida was in the market. From the time Gotou rejected Yoshida, Yuzuha has been setting her eyes on him. Though she never reveals her intention, it’s written all over her face.

After a tumultuous short talk with Yuzuha, she left with a somber mood and Yoshida then walked back to his home.

Everything was fine about this episode, but, the ending gave all the wrong indication. The guy who wronged Sayu have also started working at the same place where Sayu is works. Knowing this is enough to gauge that situations may go wrong, and the encouragement Sayu got from Gotou will meet its first obstacle.

Let’s hope for the better.

Release Date

Hige wo Soru release every Monday. Episode 6 will release on May 10th, at 6:30 AM.
The episodes doesn’t have any next episode preview, but it’s almost sure that Sayu will confront the guy she stayed previously with.

Until episode 4, things were just simple, but now it seems we are entering into the serious stuff. Let’s just hope nothing wrong happens to Sayu again.

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