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World Trigger Anime Season 2 Reveals Casts and Special Video.

The official Twitter handle and Official Website of World Trigger revealed a new teaser video of the upcoming Season 2. The Twitter handle and Website also revealed six additional cast members.

Release Date:

World Trigger Season 2 will Release on January 9, 2021. Season 2 will continue from where Season 1 ended. The First Season of World Trigger aired in 2014. And after a long wait of 6 years fans will get their treat of World Trigger again.

World Trigger Season 2 will air on  TV Asahi in Japan. And as of now there are not announcement of any online streaming platforms.

Twitter Announcement:

The Translation of the above Announcement Says:

In short, the announcement is about a cut scene from the Anime. In the video we get to see the main characters hassling into their tasks and training with their mates.

To get a clear understanding you can watch the video from Youtube Directly:

Watch World Trigger:

Before World Trigger Season 2 Released, you can watch World Trigger Season to learn the plot and immerse yourself into it:



Mikado City is one day attacked by Monsters called Neighbors when a Gate connect Human World with the Monster World. Humans who were unready to face challenges of such intensity are easily overwhelmed by the them until an Unknown Organization appears to repel Neighbors. The organization call themselves National Defense Agency or Border. Hence, starts the War against Monsters and to save Humanity.

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