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Black Clover 284 Spoilers, Raw Scans Leaked

The War between Spade Kingdom and other two Kingdoms are at full-force. Though Asta has made an appearance, it seems that he hasn’t yet mastered his technique with Liebe. On the other hand the Devils are raided the World and Nacht is fighting against Zenon. Now, question is arising about Nacht’s status? We saw how brutally Zack was defeated by Zenon after he released his Demon Powers. For now Clover Kingdom is safe. Past Chapters are centered on Noelle and team. Black Clover Chapter 284 Spoilers has brought us with various welcoming surprises. Let’s look into it.


Ultimate Magic

Finally we get to look into the Elves Ultimate Magic. After their crushing defeat against the Dark Triad, Noelle and others got a chance to train under the Elves. Since their Magical Power far exceeds Humans, Noelle and others had a great chance to make themselves strong before retaliating.

And, now, after several chapters, we get to see the Wizard behind the Ultimate Magic. Her appearance is very similar to Undine.

The Ultimate Magic is so powerful that Humans cannot utilize the full potential of it, more like how the Dark Triad cannot utilize 100% of Devi’ls Power. Though, Noelle and others are using Ultimate Magic partially, the power is enough to wipe out lower-rank devils and also mid-level ones.

Things are getting heated up again. It will, surely get exciting how they use it for countering the Devil and finally the Dark Triads.

Nacht In Trouble

Okay, let’s talk about this. The last panel of the leak shows that Nacht is not in good shape. The whole of final panel is dedicated to Nacht being pierced with ice.

The question will surely arise whether he will die? It’s hard to say whether he will die or not, but, by looking at the location where he is hurt, none of his vital organs are hurt.

The way he is pierced seems more like a deed to restraint him, rather than kill him. His thighs are pierced, his hands are pierced. Yes, the chest area is pierced too, but, not across any vital organs.

So, there is a hope and the upcoming chapters will solve this question.


  • Wizard Dryad is revealed. She is the one who taught Ultimate Magic to Noelle and others. Her appearance is quite similar to Undine.
  • Ultimate Magic is unique to everyone. This magic was used by the Elves because of their enormous magical power, but, now Humans can too partially use it. But, they need support. Hence, they use Heart’s Techniques and Nature’s Mana.
  • Noelle and others wipe out lower ranks devils.
  • Lower-Ranks devils do not require Arcane-Stage Magic to defeat them, but Middle-Rank and higher are tougher and a Arcane-Stage Mage is compulsory.
  • Luck if unstoppable as he defeats many Middle-Ranks and carries a Devil’s head in his hand.
  • Spade Castle burns and freezes.
  • Nacht is being pierced with flames and ice.

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