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One Piece Chapter 1022 Spoilers, Raw Scans

It’s a complete mayhem in Wano. Kaido is a formidable enemy and every Samurai from Wano are risking their lives for Freedom. After getting annihilated by Kaido, the Red Scabbards are resting somewhere and it has quite many chapter since we have seen them.

On top of that Kanjuro was discovered as a snitch at the very last moment. Well! that’s an old news and things are pretty much different. For now Luffy has woken up. He would have ultimately died but as usual his luck is no short deal.

Chapter 1021 revealed Robin’s new attack which easily crushed Black Maria. Now that another Tobi Roppo is down, I wonder how will Kaido and Big Mom react.

With this, let’s look into One Piece Chapter 1022 Spoilers, Raw Scans, and also have some discussions & predictions.

Chapter 1021 Recap

The battle continues between Robin & Black Maria. Sanji could have easily defeated her but as we know he is a chivalrous pirate and hence never attacks a lady. His chivalrous nature is his only weakness.

Chapter 1021 name is, “Demonio,” and as most of the Chapter is named after an attack, this chapter follows the same tradition. Battle between Robin and Black Maria is raging on and at the beginning of the Chapter Black Maria has taken a lead.

She lands some formidable blows on Robin and injures her. Brook on the other hand is busy handling Black Maria’s subordinates and he doesn’t want to get involved in Robin’s battle.

Things quickly went out of hand when Black Maria continuously rattled Robin, terribly injuring her. As most of manga characters have in common, Robin decides to unleash her hidden technique. She unleashes, “Demonio Fleur,” that crushed Black Maria instantly.

One Piece Sanji

Shortly after, Brook also unleashed his attack and slashed all of Black Maria’s subordinates ending the battle. An another part of the battle has ended and with this, again a Tobi Roppo has gone down.

The end portion of the Chapter shows Luffy still eating as much as he can to relinquish energy for the final battle. And Momonosuke asking Shinobu to make him an adult was completely unexpected.

Though Momonosuke is 20 years old, it would be unfair to compare him with the present. He skipped 20 years, so mentally he is still a child, and taking such steep decision as a child is an extraordinary feat.

Chapter 1022 Predictions

I was reading all the predictions on several community websites and they are one of the funniest I have read in a while. That’s what makes One Piece community the best place to hangout.

One of the Prediction says: “Luffy Will Keep on Eating.

Well, coming back to the predictions, now that Black Maria has been defeated, the Samurai & Straw Hats has one less Tobi Roppo to deal with. I wonder how good Nami would perform in such one-sided situation like Robin was. She is lucky enough to have Zeus with her.

One Piece Jinbei

I think it’s about time we return back to the Red Scabbards. They were severely injured the time we last saw them, and a mysterious figure was seeing treating them. Numerous speculations rose after that event, but, that was it. We never learned what happened after that!

The other best option would be to go back to Jinbei vs Who’s Who. Their fight quickly started taking a different turn when Who’s Who asked about the Sun Pirates and Jinbei’s connection to it. Jinbei’s silence said a lot of things and I want him to speak as soon as possible.

That’s it from my side. Do you have anything else to add into? Or a completely different story?


Wow! The Spoilers are out pretty early again.

  • Chapter 1022 Title could be: “Ornament.”
  • Raizo clashes with Fukurokuju.
  • There is an announcement of Tobi Roppo’s defeat.
  • 15 Minutes are left until Onigashima lands in Wano.
  • Killer starts his battle against Hawkins.
  • Sanji is seen going against King & Queen.
  • Sanji couldn’t handle both of them at the same time and collapses.
  • Nekomamushi attacks Perospero because he tried to attack Sanji with Candy Arrow.
  • Marco enters the scene and blocks King’s attack.
  • Marco tells King about what he heard a long time ago. It’s about a race that is capable of creating/manipulating fire and this race lived on the Red Line.
  • Zoro is back in action
  • Chapter ends with Zoro & Sanji attacking King & Queen.

According to Viz, Chapter 1022 will officially release after almost 2 weeks. But, as for the last page of the Chapter, there is no exact date which is partially concerning. This is not only for One Piece, but other manga too like Black Clover, MHA, etc.

But, rest assured, One Piece spoilers anyways come out pretty early. Many times more than a week before the official chapter is released. Hence, I won’t be surprised if the Spoilers are released even before that.

The Spoilers will be posted here as soon it’s official.

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