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My Hero Academia Chapter 349 Spoilers, Raw Scans

Hey, it’s time for My Hero Academia Chapter 349 Spoilers, Raw Scans…

Well it’s time for Deku to use OFA at it’s full potential. Now, whether he’ll do that is everybody’s question!

With this, let’s look into MHA Chapter 349 Spoilers, Raw Scans (if available).

Chapter 349 Predications

Horikoshi can really draw some scary face! First it was Shigaraki, then we saw Dabi and finally we are seeing Toga’s scary face…

I can already feel AFO’s scary face at the end of the War…

Well, moving forward. Chapter 328 was a bit funny when Toga confessed her feelings. Deku’s face and Ochako’s body expression balanced the serious part. But, things quickly came back to normal when Toga suddenly attacked.

Good that Tsu stopped the attack and landed a tight hit on her. But, Toga cut Ochako, and as we know even a drop of blood is enough for Toga to manipulate her enemies.

In an interview Horikoshi revealed that he created Toga as a direct competition to Ochako’s ability. And that’s the reason he always tries to bring these two close whenever a war break out.


Well, now that Deku has left to counter Shigaraki, it’s time for Ochako and Tsu to face Toga. She must be pissed that Deku left…

But, did you notice one thing? Deku is fast enough to run on water…Good for him!!

As for what will happen in Chapter 349. I don’t think we’ll return back to Ochako’s battle for a while now! Horikoshi will focus more on Deku from now on. Shigaraki is already wrecking havoc, and if Deku doesn’t arrive soon, who knows what’ll happen!

My Hero Academia Chapter 349 Spoilers

The Spoilers are here, and it seems Chapter 350 is going to be a BIG revelation about Dabi…

  • Chapter 349 title: “Battle Flame.”
  • Chapter begins with Deku flying over the ocean. He is moving forwards using Air Force.
  • He tries to increase his speed but fails to do so. Only then the ghost of 2nd user appears and tells Deku not to lose composure.
  • It seems his suit is not suitable to handle OFA at 100%
  • A conversation happens between Deku and 2nd user.
  • We are back at the aquarium where Ochako and Tsuyu comment on Deku’s departure.
  • Tsuyu feels that Deku is not there because Toga would continuously question and confuse Deku.
  • Toga says that she’s going to become who she wants to be and live according to her common sense.
  • Toga reaffirms her ideals. She says that she is the one who doesn’t need any more Heroes, so it’s time to say goodbye.
  • Next the scene cuts to Kamino. A giant Nomu is creating huge needles from its body and expelling them, giving the Heroes a tough time. Dabi on the other hand is hanging from al All Might statue while smiling.
  • Iida comes across a spiral of flames and shots Todoroki’s name.
  • Dabi propels where Shoto, Kido, Onima and Burnin’ are present. Dabin wonders if those sent to face him were only the youngest child.
  • A conversation happens between the Heroes about how Dabi can be an issue.
  • Shot tell Dabi that there’s no way he can be a Hero.
  • Dabi then says that this whole war comes down to personal issues and ideologies. It is actually the explosion of everything that has been built so far.
  • Todoroki asks why he has not returned home if he survived the fire, and Dabi then decides that it’s finally time to tell everything that happened to him that day. The True Origin of Dabi…

My Hero Academia Chapter 348 just released. Hence, we’ll have to wait for some days before the latest Spoilers start arriving.

I’ll update every detail as-soon-as I find anything!!

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